Biden’s Over the Horizon Counterterrorism Policy

There is one thing that happened thanks to Biden’s over the horizon counterterrorism policy: now that we have no eyes and ears in Afghanistan the intelligence is likely to always be faulty. The reaper drone attack that killed 10 civilians, 7 of whom were children, happened because no less than six Reaper drones followed the victim for 8 hours and assumed that he was loading explosives into his Toyota. Turned out he was an aide worker loading water, and the ”ISIS-K” fighters with him were his children. No terrorists were killed in the attack, according to General McKenzie, head of CENTCOM.

According to media, the CIA warned the military that civilians were present seconds AFTER the Hellfire Missile was launched into a Kabul neighborhood. Too late. Hellfire Missiles are not on a bungie cord. Over the horizon could be over the moon, for all the good it did. We reported on the attack and asked who gave the intelligence. Now we learn that it may have been a cooperative effort.

According to the information released by the Pentagon on Friday, when General Frank McKenzie, the commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) admitted that the missile strike was a mistake, the U.S. had multiple drones surveilling the targeted Toyota. It was reported that as many as six Reaper drones were following Ahmadi for eight hours during the operation.

The number of drones overhead would indicate that not just the military but the intelligence communities were also involved. Frequently, the two entities will cooperate with one another, with the intelligence community surveilling a target location, that they will share with military officials prior to conducting a strike. With six drones overhead, the military members had plenty of eyes on the target and the area.

This issue highlights the problems that will no doubt be present in the future with the Biden administration’s “over the horizon” counterterrorism approach. With no troops or CIA paramilitary forces on the ground, the possibility of killing civilians or misidentifying targets increases exponentially.

SOFREP Steve Balestrieri

Over the horizon is not an effective counterterrorism policy

Cameras can be deceiving – the surveillance aboard drones of any kind only give hints of possible activity, they can’t substitute for actual knowledge. The military believed that an attack against the US forces evacuating people from HKIA was imminent. If they based that assessment on the Reaper drone surveillance of Zemerai Ahmadi, they were tragically wrong.

When military leaders advised Biden to keep some US troops in country, he ignored it. When the CIA warned that civilians were in harm’s way in the drone attack, either someone ignored it or the notification was too late. Gen Mark Milley called the drone attack “righteous” – no one will take action against him or anyone else involved for it. No one will do anything to anyone over the disastrous withdrawal. No one will fire Milley for the treasonous pattern of undercutting Trump. There will be no repercussions for any of this lying bunch of losers. Just be aware that US integrity is dramatically destroyed with such actions. It will take decades and a different crop of true leaders to reverse the damage.

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