Biden on brink; time to review his gun grabbing scheme

Biden: If he does become president, he’s coming after your guns.

With headlines all but screaming “Biden Wins,” gun owners and Second Amendment activists across the landscape will be bracing for the toughest challenges in their lifetime, should anti-gun Democrat Joe Biden actually become the next president of the United States.

President Donald Trump is still battling and several lawsuits have already been filed, and some have already been thrown out. It might be beneficial to check on the judges in those lawsuits, to see by whom they were appointed to the federal courts.

In the meantime, if Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in next Jan. 20, here’s a refresher course on what American gun owners will be facing, especially if Democrats capture the Senate.

Ban so-called “assault weapons.” According to Biden’s published scheme, “This time, the bans will be designed based on lessons learned from the 1994 bans. For example, the ban on assault weapons will be designed to prevent manufacturers from circumventing the law by making minor changes that don’t limit the weapon’s lethality. While working to pass this legislation, Biden will also use his executive authority to ban the importation of assault weapons.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Regulate possession of existing “assault weapons” by treating them like machine guns. “Currently, the National Firearms Act requires individuals possessing machine-guns, silencers, and short-barreled rifles to undergo a background check and register those weapons with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF),” the Biden plan says. “Due to these requirements, such weapons are rarely used in crimes. As president, Biden will pursue legislation to regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act.”

“Buy back” such firearms from private citizens. However, the government never owned those guns in the first place, so “buying them back” is another way of saying “compensated confiscation.” According to the Biden scheme, this “will give individuals who now possess assault weapons or high-capacity magazines two options: sell the weapons to the government, or register them under the National Firearms Act.”

Limit gun purchases. According to his published plan, “Biden supports legislation restricting the number of firearms an individual may purchase per month to one.”

And there are some other proposals:

  • Require background checks for all gun sales. Today, an estimated 1 in 5 firearms are sold or transferred without a background check.
  • Close the “hate crime loophole.”
  • Close the “Charleston loophole.”
  • Close the “fugitive from justice” loophole created by the Trump Administration.
  • Close other loopholes in the federal background check system.

Biden has a lot of so-called “loopholes” to close. Many in the firearms community believe that in Biden’s opinion, the Second Amendment is a “loophole.”

Gun owners should start bracing for the worst. One organization emerging as a national powerhouse to throw legal speed bumps in Biden’s way is the Second Amendment Foundation. This week, SAF has filed two federal lawsuits against gun laws in New York City and New Jersey, and is preparing several other legal actions. Donations to SAF are tax deductible, notes founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb.

Joining SAF in those actions has been the California-based Firearms Policy Coalition.


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