The Biden schoolgirl crush on dreamy Barack finally comes to light

Biden and Barry sitting in a tree...
Biden and Barry sitting in a tree…

For almost a decade, Vice President Joe Biden has been known as the nation’s Crazy Uncle Joe. Well, Obama’s Number Two certainly is crazy… crazy for Barack.

As seen on the Veep’s Twitter account, proof positive that an obviously sensitive Joey B. actually paid attention to Arts and Crafts class. Lo, those many years ago a rather delicate young Joseph certainly got in touch with his feminine side.

Possibly the envy of 14-year-old girls everywhere, the vice president tweeted a pic of the friendship bracelet he sent to his bro on his b-day. And not just any old friendship bracelet.

Beads spelling out Joe and Barack are inter-woven into the lime green and orange strands complete with a plastic happy face and blue & yellow flower. But it doesn’t end there. Also attached is a slice of cake and solid blue star.

The notoriously left-leaning Slate.com notes that the Veep’s literal tagging of the Chief Executive as his BFF is his most re-tweeted tweet ever. As it turns out, the total is well over 100,000 retweets at last glance, “a fact Twitter headquarters was more than happy to trumpet in an email to reporters.”

Providing the crack at the end of the whip, Slate’s Heather Schwedel penned, “Whatever fantasies we have, the reality of Biden and Obama’s BFFdom will probably never be as happy-go-lucky, light-hearted, and pratfall-filled as we’d like, due to their both actually being very serious, accomplished, and high-minded politicians. But we still can’t wait to see the God’s eye Biden gives Obama to celebrate his last day in office.”


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