Benghazi Democrats: Hillary Lacked the Funds for Security Fact Checked

hillary-clinton-testifying-before-congress-172026404234 (2)The defense attorneys, I mean, the Democrats on the Benghazi committee were looking at a myriad of reasons why Hillary failed at her job other than not really caring.  One of the reasons they harped on was lack of money they tried to push off on Republicans.  At first glance, low information voters watching the investigation would buy that argument, but how valid is it?  Let’s say for the sake of argument that it costs $200,000 a year to maintain one security person.  (A rather high figure)

Let us begin with a purchase Hillary made in 2010 of crystal glasses for a cost of 5.4 million dollars.  I doubt the embassies were drinking out of ball jar glasses.  That purchase would provide 27 security forces for a year.  To add insult to injury, the glasses were purchased  from Orrefors Kosta Boda, a Swedish company.  With so many people out of work, it was said that she could have and should have ordered from an American company.

There was an interesting report put out in 2013 that found 37.8% of all State Department spending occurred in the month of September since 2003 and through 2013.  Why so much spending in September?  Simple — it’s the end of the fiscal year and departments have a use it or lose it policy.  Any money left over would revert to the treasury and could result in a budget cut the following year.

The budget request Hillary herself put in for was $47 billion.  37.8% of that would be $17.76 billion.  That would pay for 50 security guards for 1776 years.  Even if you just spend 1/4 of the leftover budget, you could hire 50 security agents for 444 years, not allowing for inflation.

Now, how about the 6 billion dollars she lost as Secretary of State.  What if she were to accidentally find it in, say, a Swiss bank account (She could have deposited it while picking out the 5.4 million dollars worth of crystal).  Return that money to their budget and you could hire 50 security forces for 600 years.

Therefore, the Democratic argument that Hillary did not have enough money to pay for security in Benghazi rates 4 Pinocchios, three Jon Lovitzes and a Clinton.


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