Bartender AOC Returns to Her Old Job…Only For a Day.

Bartender AOC plans to return to her district in New York City to “pour a few pints” on Friday and advocate for the “Federal Raise The Wage Act.” Too bad she’s not staying permanently, but her old place of work went out of business because of the higher wages they had to pay. Now she’s advocating for a national higher wage so more businesses can go under. The venue for her “event” is to be released later.

bartender aoc

The policy AOC is pushing for is the very one that caused her former employer to go out of business after 28 years. The New York law requires any business over 11 employees to pay $15 per hour.

“I know it doesn’t sound like much—$2 an hour. But when you multiply it by 40 hours, by 130 people, it becomes a big number. It was going to increase our monthly payroll $46,000.” Charles Milite, co-founder of the Coffee Shop where AOC worked to Crains New York Business

The problem with socialists like AOC is that they have no clue that the money they so freely throw around comes from people who work hard. Employers are not the bad guys in Capitalism – they are the foundation of it. AOC doesn’t really believe in “work,” she and her ilk believe in free money (which doesn’t exist). At some point the weight of demands on employers break their backs and everyone loses.

The Free Beacon noted:

“It is unfortunate that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would return to New York City to advocate for a policy that’s caused so much harm to the people she used to work for,” said Michael Saltsman, managing director of the Employment Policies Institute. “Rising labor costs coupled with no tip credit has already proven devastating in the Bay Area, and massive tipped wage increases put NYC’s full-service restaurant job growth in the red. A national policy of this magnitude will only cause increased job layoffs and restaurant closures.”

New York City restaurants saw nearly a 2 percent job loss last year—the city’s first loss in the sector in two decades. Nearly 77 percent of full-service restaurants have reduced employee hours, according to a survey conducted by the New York Hospitality Alliance on the wage increase.  The survey also found that nearly a third of respondents plan to cut jobs and increase prices at their establishments.

Bartender AOC would do well to learn even the basics of finances. She’s never owned a business. All she’s ever been is an employee who demands more money. She’s never understood anything about economics in spite of her so-called “degree” in economics. As long as fools listen to her spouting of lies and ridiculous policies, more businesses will fold, more people will be unemployed, and life will be miserable. Socialism does not belong in America.

Bartender AOC should go back to bartending for good.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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