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HOT on the heels of the following intro appended to Lara Logan’s nail-on-the-head, analytical report (March 27, 2024), Lara Logan: Bridge collapse called ‘absolutely brilliant strategic attack’, it is not an accident, nor is it a coincidence, that other credible sources have joined in to the truth-telling. Per the referenced intro:

As the saying goes, “No Sh*t Sherlock!” 

Alas, the most lethal combination of all within today’s nefarious ruling class derives from the “Deep State Mafia’s” alignment with those who seek nothing less than the destruction of America — wherever they may be, or however well-disguised. And, when coupled with like-minded DEI” (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) hires, well, all manner of dangers have a “tendency” to explode! Yes, just check out the increasing amount of mechanical failures in the skies! Indeed, in academia, alike.

No doubt, the tip of the calamitous iceberg.

As per the “Deep State Mafia’s” nefarious attacks against the homeland — cyber-wise or via another lethal method thereof — the evidence is too lenghty to document here. Book-worthy. Suffice it to cite:

More than evidentiary, that is, in a judicious court of law, and in the court of public opinion.

Beyond all of the above, after this week’s horrific attack (emphasis placed) which destroyed the heart of America’s hazardous materials shipping route via Baltimore, well, the appointment of Transportation Secretary Petey Buttigieg has always been a double hire: a Deep State” shill with a “DEI” bent.

This is so because his so-called marriage to his gay lover, coupled with their adoption of kiddos to become a “two-papa family”, checked major “diversity” boxes. Oh joy. Never mind the fact that under his “stewardship”, disaster after disaster has become the “norm!”


But never mind. Appointing Petey has been akin to hiring a blind person (no offense to the visually-challenged) to the position of an air traffic controller! Sheesh.

Above all else, know this: The nanosecond that the “politico-DNC-media-complex” start screaming like banshees, “conspiracy theory”, inexorably, the bull’s-eye has been hit!

NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER GIVE IN ….. as the anti-American Intel folks — under the command of Obama 3.0 — scurry for cover to hide their fingerprints. Footprints….

INEXORABLY, along come 4 additional pile-ons ala nails-in-the-coffin. Effectively, there is NO escaping what went down, however hard the current “axis of evil” attempt to deny, deny, deny, shuck and jive, and pooh-pooh the calamitous linkages!

SO, aside from Lara’s listed within the below evidentiary trails, yes, the indictments thereof, pay special heed to the first one out of the gate — that is, Captain and Crew of DALI Cargo Ship Were Taken to Walmart Before Ship Crashed into Key Bridge

PRAY tell, why?? Well, in the arena of “hinky business” — which investigative journalists who seek the truth will ferret out— nothing is off of the table. Indeed, have NO doubt: Many heavy-hitters in corporate America are neck-deep in the unfolding catastrophies; having participated in the crimes againt the nation for years and years. Yes, Walmart is one such player!!

IN fact, it was not for nothing that the referenced behemouth made its debut at these pages, mid-2015. To catch up to speed, the following is a strategic-level primer — via a backgrounder to the prima facie case that attests to the absolute nexus, the collusion, between the aforementioned players seeking to destroy America:

MIND you, an addendum to the nefarious plan to destroy America can be found at this investigative journalist’s book review of“Bringing Down America”; originally published at American Thinker, 04/2013.

ONTO the clear-eyed compendium re the Baltimore Bridge COVER-UP…..

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Elijah Shaffer | March 29, 2024

ARTICLE 1: Captain and Crew of DALI Cargo Ship Were Taken to Walmart Before Ship Crashed into Key Bridge

ARTICLE 2:  Lara Logan on Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse: “Everyone Knows… This Is a Cyber Attack on a Critical Infrastructure Corridor in the United States”

ARTICLE 3:  NTSB Releases Data on DALI’s Black Box, Reveals No CCTV Footage Found, Sensors Cut Off and Turned Backed On, Voice Recorder Disrupted By Background Noise

ARTICLE 4: Powerful House Democrat ‘Sends a Shockwave’ Through Political Scene by Announcing Retirement

ARTICLE 5: DC US Attorney Matthew Graves Fights to Keep J6ers Charged with ‘Obstruction’ Statute Jailed Pending SCOTUS Decision – Trump Judge Responds with Fire

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