Army Draft Policy Proposed: Can’t Live in a Red State? Transfer Somewhere Else

The Army draft policy being circulated through a message on MILPER has not been finalized, but in its current form sounds like a spate of wokeness. The Army’s ‘compassionate reassignment’ was originally meant to assist soldiers and dependents with transfers to another region if they had serious family problems that couldn’t be solved in another manner. That is a good policy when properly initiated. But an update (“tweak”) to that policy is being considered: it adds verbiage on discrimination regarding sex, gender, race, and pregnancy. It still must be approved by Army Secretary Christine Wormuth.

The pregnancy portion of the draft policy was supposedly written in response to the leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s possible decision in Roe v Wade. “Reproductive health care” is how abortion is labelled by the left – it is not “healthcare” at all, especially for the child that is ripped from its mother’s womb. The Army draft assumes many things that may not be true and seems to be a hysterical response to the leaked Supreme Court document and the laws of certain red states that plan to prevent or strictly reduce abortion.

The Army Draft Policy

The policy would ostensibly sanction soldiers to declare that certain states are too racist, too homophobic, too sexist or otherwise discriminatory to be able to live there safely and comfortably.

“Some states are becoming untenable to live in; there’s a rise in hate crimes and rise in LGBT discrmination,” Lindsay Church, executive director of Minority Veterans of America, an advocacy group, told Military.com. “In order to serve this country, people need to be able to do their job and know their families are safe. All of these states get billions for bases but barely tolerate a lot of the service members.”

If finalized, the new rules would clarify what situations would entitle a soldier to a so-called compassionate reassignment. Right now, those rules are vague but are mostly used for soldiers going through family problems that cannot be solved through “leave, correspondence, power of attorney, or help of family members or other parties,” according to Army regulations

The closest to a direct challenge from a service to the rise of potentially discriminatory policies coming out of state legislatures occurred in April, when the Air and Space Force vowed to provide medical and legal resources to troops who are impacted by laws “being proposed and passed in states across America that may affect LGBTQ Airmen, Guardians, and/or their LGBTQ dependents in different ways,” according to a press release from those services.


Wokeism in the Military

Let’s be clear: the focus on sex, race, gender, and other nonmilitary issues is detrimental to the effectiveness of the US Armed Forces. The more the military focuses on those issues instead of their job to protect the country, the more divided this nation will become. And frankly, we don’t need any more of that.


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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