Are TikTok Troll-Flies Swarming #OperationFlagDrop?

We’ve all heard how TicTok teens and their uber-injudicious leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were gleefully claiming credit for the lower-than-expected turnout at Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But the sudden activity cropping up on a Pro-Trump Facebook group page begs the question: Are TikTok troll-flies swarming #OperationFlagDrop?

A few hours prior to the rally, I had joined a popular new Facebook group – #OperationFlagDrop, nearly 80,000 strong — which provides a platform for Trump supporters to post photos of their hats, T-shirts, banners, boats, flags and anything else festooned with pro-Trump swag. Considering the uncontrollable rage leftists feel whenever they see a Trump supporter, the group provides a place where the president’s fans can congregate and share their stories without triggering some fragile snowflake.

After my membership was approved, I posted a pair of photos of my house, upon which I had painted a mural in support of President Donald Trump. I was inspired to paint the mural after someone vandalized a comparatively small 3’ x 8’ Trump 2020 banner I had hanging on my fence. After spending three hours scrubbing off the library of vulgar words and re-hanging the banner on the side of my garage, I drew up a mural design, purchased paint at Home Depot and began a project that has taken me on a journey I never anticipated.

Trump Mural in Spring Hill, Florida
This is a picture of the mural I painted on my house after vandals tried to destroy my 3′ x 8′ banner.

While I knew people were driving by our house to see the mural and to take pictures, our middle daughter told us that the mural had become quite a topic on social media. I had no idea.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

In less than 24 hours, the post on OperationFlagDrop alone received over 4,000 likes, a couple-hundred shares and nearly 500 comments, all positive. That is… until “they” arrived. Because the post had become popular – being shared by others on a multitude of other conservative social media platforms — leftist trolls began swarming to my post like horseflies to a shiny surface.

In fact, these little darlings are so triggered by my artwork they went so far as to spread like a virus to other pages, like one I shared from the Humane Society of the Nature Coast
and a local company that repairs car headliners.

Are TikTok troll-flies swarming #OperationFlagDrop? Well, just as with the ticket-scam endeavor, the cyber flies disrupting OperationFlagDrop are predominantly kids. You know the type, social media addicted Tide-Pod snackers still living at home using devices their parents are paying for. They are childish, ignorant and apparently have nothing better to do with their lives than troll social media in search of happy people for no other purpose than to single them out for ridicule in an effort to make them as miserable as they are.

Take Jade Allen for example. She’s an angry African American woman who was triggered by a post I shared from another group member, Jynaia Williams Badie. Ms. Badie is another African American woman who dared to post a photo of herself proudly wearing a red, Keep America Great Again hat.

“Why do all trump followers feel the need to take and plaster pictures of African Americans like their (sic) unicorns,” Allen posited, followed by the discourteous postscript: “You’re f-ing ignorant.”

First, I didn’t “take and plaster” the photo of Ms. Williams Badie. I shared the photo, posted by Ms. Williams Badie herself. After clearing that up for Ms. Allen, I inquired as to why she couldn’t accept that not all African Americans are as “ignorant” as she is. My husband, unable to resist the irony, followed up to inform Ms. Allen that she had misspelled a word in her post.

“It’s ‘they’re,” he noted. “Now, let’s discuss being ignorant.”

Ms. Allen did not respond. She was, apparently, preoccupied with attacking other group members. For Tazi Turner — who was wondering why all of the leftist trolls were suddenly infecting their group – Ms. Allen shared a string of childish laugh emojis.

“They must be tired of their loser candidates so there (sic) hanging with winner Republicans,” Doug Perer dared to suggest.

“*THEIR,” Allen pounded in ALL CAPS, “and actually (no comma) I’m tired of trump followers who can’t f-ing spell. How about some punctuation every now and again (should have been “now and then”), too?”

Don’t you just love irony?

But Ms. Allen isn’t race-specific in her wrath. To prove she loathes African Americans who support Trump just as much as she despises white Trump supporters, Allen took the time to go back to Jynaia Williams Badie’s post to castigate her personally.

“If this is the best American Christians can do,” read the copy and paste meme with Trump’s photo, “then God help us all…”

Really? Challenging someone’s faith in God because they support our president?

The troll-flies buzzing the posts of Trump fans on OperationFlagDrop aren’t particular. They’ll insult just about anyone.

Like this post from Selene Burns. She shared two photos of her son.

Troll-fly Dustyn Payett – a man-child who lives in a comic book fantasy world where he evidently feels more relevant than he does in the real world — had nothing better than this to say.

Then there’s this post, a video of people who were simply having fun while waiting for the Trump rally:

A loving, tolerant liberal named Max Carlson felt the need to post this:

Max Carlson felt the need to insult someone for having fun.

Never mind the numerous children being trained by leftist teachers to sing songs of praise and tribute to Barack Obama.

To make sure his fellow troll-flies knew he’s all down for ripping into people he doesn’t even know just because a generation of hate-filled airplane toilet lickers think it’s cool, the approval-addicted cyber brat even shares the insults he slings at Trump supporters on his own Facebook page with the hope of receiving their adulation.

Dustyn Payette’s Facebook Capture, seeking adulation from his fellow cyber bullies.

Not to be outdone, some twit named Oliver Raymond felt compelled to pile on and share his f-bomb laced opinion.

Mind you, these attacks are leveled at total strangers who are minding their own business. Like this completely disturbing stab by a clearly insecure child named Hanna Baron.

She followed that up with this little gem:

Does her parents even know, or care how their little Hanna spends her time?

Oh… About those laugh emojis.

While it’s impossible to know precisely why they’re doing it – efficiency (so they can hit as many Trump supporters as possible per day), laziness (they don’t feel like putting in any real effort but still want a participation trophy), or they’ve been doing this for so long now they’ve simply exhausted their repertoire of platitudes, insults and copy/paste memes – the vast majority of the troll-flies (and there are now literally hundreds of them on the page) are going through as many posts as they can and slapping these childish little laugh emojis onto as many comments as they can. It’s like they have a daily quota to fill.

In fact, one particular snowflake named Jocelyn Millard was so triggered by the rising popularity of my mural post, she put a call out to her fellow trolls.

“We need more (laugh emoji) reacts on this, folks.”

Yeah… laugh emojis.

What will these brilliant little darlings think of next?

Are TikTok troll-flies swarming #OperationFlagDrop? It seems plausible.

As for Ms. Allen, she seems to have placed herself in a bit of a dilemma. You see, with all of her rants and attacks, people started asking her why in the hell she was there in the first place.

“Believe me,” she balked, “I (lower case, “I,” very telling) tried to get out of this sh*t show. There’s an error and it won’t let me out. Please send help.”

To begin with, you have to submit a request to become a member of OperationFlagDrop. Then you have to wait for it to be approved before you can begin posting things and interacting with other members. In order to share the contempt she has for the people on OperationFlagDrop, Ms. Allen had to submit a request to have access to this group and wait for it to be approved. What’s more, the only way for Ms. Allen to BE there is to GO there. No one is forcing her to go there. Why is she insinuating that she’s only there because someone “won’t let (her) out”? The kicker – as it is with most leftists – is that she wants someone to “send help” rather than figuring out how to fix the problem she created for herself.

I have a suggestion, Ms. Allen. How about: Stop logging into the group!

One of the more unstable troll-flies, Katy Shine, thought people would be impressed if she pretended she had the power to summon imaginary minions to vandalize my home.

So… Are TikTok Troll-Flies Swarming #OperationFlagDrop? Maybe.

Oh… and the post of the mural on my house?

Thanks to the added attention drawn by troll-flies like Katy Shine, Dustyn Payette, Jocelyn Millard, Hanna Baron, Oliver Raymond, Max Carlson and the ever offended Jade Allen, it’s still one of the most active posts on the Facebook page. As of 3pm on Thursday, June 25, the post has received 7K responses (still overwhelmingly positive), 929 comments (still primarily favorable) and over 1.6K shares.

The things is, no matter how much these leftist snowflakes scream and throw their little tantrums, we Trump supporters are not going to back down anymore. In fact, we’re starting to shove back, and the only thing these spoiled little brats will accomplish with the endeavor to silence us will be to grow our numbers and strengthen our resolve.

Like the Indian diplomat, columnist, and author Amish Tripati once said: “Strong people stick to their morals, no matter what the trials and tribulations. Weak people, many times, do not even realize how low they’ve sunk.” –


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