Antifa Rioters Targeted Federal Courthouse, Revolution Steps Posted

Portland, Oregon – As Antifa rioters targeted a Federal Courthouse on July 2-3, the US Marshals protected the building and made arrests. Antifa rioters “tried to set the building on fire for hours” according to journalist Andy Ngo. (Fox)

antifa rioters
Photo from Portland Police of a mortar explosion as the Antifa rioters targeted the Federal Building

On Wednesday night, Antifa rioters set fire to a 120 year old Elk statue. An elk statue…think about it. Are Elk racist now too? Pro-tip: Antifa could care less what they damage so long as they can damage it. They’re about revolution, not race. The city removed the statue after the fire damaged the base to prevent it from toppling and harming someone. (Oregon Live)

Naturally, Antifa rioters paid no attention whatsoever to the police. The attack went on for hours, as the extremists attempted to set the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Building on fire. The minute police responded to their own building being attacked, they were surrounded.  The mob threw projectiles and fireworks at police, then went online and tagged politicians and attorneys, claiming “police brutality.”

Andy Ngo mentioned that Antifa cars were circling the area, bringing supplies to their cohorts.

“Antifa cars carrying supplies are driving around the area and helping their comrades. They’ve concealed their license plates by covering them up.”

Thirty days of continuous riots in Portland have left a toll.

Make no mistake- this has nothing whatsoever to do with the killing of George Floyd. It has to do with revolution. Their stated goal is to destroy the US.

This is a photo taken by Andy Ngo of a poster placed around Portland.

Then there is the open recruitment for more Antifa members. These are NOT peaceful demonstrations.

The reference to “12” in the tweet is a reference to police.

Police stated that Antifa rioters threw commercial grade fireworks, bottles, cans, a knife, at them. Portland has been destroyed, and the city left in “tatters.”

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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