Antifa Protester Receives Instant Justice From Phoenix Police — Videos

An Antifa protester in Phoenix received some instant justice after President Trump’s rally on Tuesday night.  As CNN’s favorite terrorists were being their usual selves, police were forced to use tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and pepper balls.

After firing one canister of tear gas into the mob, an Antifa thug kicked the canister back towards the police.  Just a couple of seconds later the terrorist doubled over when he was hit in the groin area by what appears to be either a rubber bullet or a pepper ball.

Here’s video of the incident:

Here’s an animation of the incident:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The smoke from the tear gas and pepper spray filled the night air as Trump supporters were leaving the venue and the Nazis of Antifa tried to engage them with violence.  Phoenix officials had said in advance that they would be quick to tamp down on any attempt of violence.  Three rioters were arrested for their actions and a fourth was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

The left-wing media tried to build this protest as a case in which for the first time at a Trump rally, there would be more protesters than supporters.  According to the UK Daily Mail, there were already some 8,000 Trump supporters inside an hour before the event started.

At the height of the protest, there were a very disappointing 500 protesters.  I guess George Soros refused to pay them extra because of the 107-degree temperatures.  As usual, the Antifa protesters began pelting police with rocks.  But not as usual, the police took immediate action to protect its officers and caught Antifa totally by surprise.

Many of the fake news organizations tried to downplay Trump supporters by a vast number while inflating the number of protesters expected to arrive.  The Los Angeles Times admitted there were no official numbers provided by police, but said that thousands committed to participating on Facebook, corroborating the Daily Mail’s report:

The anti-Trump protests in Phoenix consisted of several marches downtown that converged at the convention center.

Nearly 4,000 people indicated on Facebook that they would attend an anti-Trump rally at the Herberger Theater Center, less than a block from the convention center. In a separate post, about 3,000 people said they planned to attend a “White Supremacy Will Not Be Pardoned” event downtown organized by the Puente Human Rights Movement, a local immigrant rights group. No official crowd totals were released by law enforcement officials.

Of course, as anyone familiar with social media knows, numbers on event pages often do not match the number of actual participants.

ABC went even farther, claiming that the protest was peaceful.  If garbage was selling for two cents a ton, the NYT, CNN, NBC, ABC, LA Times and many other extremist left-wing sites would be rich.

According to the Daily Mail:

Two-dollar cold water bottles outsold three-dollar tacos on street corners. Trump fans took turns holding each other’s places in line for bathroom breaks and visits to a cool spray mist descending from a nearby Hyatt hotel’s entryway overhang.

The most common sight, other than ‘Make America Great Again’ hats, was umbrella after umbrella sticking up above the crowd – not to protect against much-needed rain, but used as a parasol to tame the heat.

The heat took its toll, too, on a promised mass-protest that threatened to bring thousands who stayed home.

A combined 7,400 people had indicated that they plan to show their disgust for the president, via RSVPs on two Facebook advertisements for anti-Trump rallies.

Only about 500 showed up, and found pro-Trump activists creating just as much noise. They shouted ‘Walk of shame!’ in response as the rally-goers made their way to the front of a line that snaked for six city blocks.

An hour before Trump was scheduled to speak, there were an estimated 8,000 inside the convention center.

The report of Trump’s demise was vastly exaggerated.


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