Anti-Trump doctor demands UN investigate America for putting kids in ‘internment camps’

Earlier this week, we told you the story of Eugene Wu, the anti-Trump doctor who sued the president for blocking him on Twitter and was later fired from his job.  Now, he’s demanding the United Nations investigate the United States for allegedly putting children in “internment camps.”

“As an American, it pains me to say this. The United Nations should investigate the United States of America for placing children in internment camps and violating both human rights and international law,” he tweeted.

Many of the replies to his tweet were just as bad.

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A few people tried to inject some actual facts into the conversation but to no avail, since leftists have immunized themselves from truth and apparently prefer to remain ignorant and thus, stupid.

But that doesn’t matter to the left, which literally rejects truth.

One person noted:

Another Twitter user asked:

Bingo.  Back then it didn’t matter because Obama is a Democrat.

So what will happen if the UN actually investigates?  One person nailed it:

That’s pretty much it…


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