Anti-Government Extremists – the War Over Words

 The Kansas City Star published an article about the situation in Oregon, as well as the gun control debate and how there is a rise in “militias” and “anti-government extremists.” Their paintbrush is wide… the author must be hoping to strike fear in the hearts of her readers.The problem is, she is stereotyping and using certain cliche words to create hysteria. It’s a word game, and it’s a battle ground.

War Over Words

Media like the Kansas City Star, and even the government itself, use word games in the battle for your mind. Let’s use the opening paragraph as an example:

“The seizure of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon by armed anti-government extremists has attracted national attention and raised questions about whether the takeover is a powder keg about to blow.”

So here we have the time-worn method of making sure everyone sees all of those folks as “anti-government extremists.” Even in the earlier article where we wrote about Chris Briels  giving his speech, the source article listed all of the attendees as “anti-government extremists.” The very fact that he was placed in proximity to them paints him as one of them.

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For the record, Mr. Briels is not an “anti-government extremist.” He is just an ordinary man who cares about his community. While some of the people at the refuge may be reckless or hot-headed, “anti-government” is slanted just enough to make them look like enemies of the government and the people.

Are they “anti-government” or are they just standing for a Constitutional Government? It’s a matter of perception, and the liberal viewpoint is a place of conflict.

 anti-government extremists
Painting us as racist:

“The growth of an “insurgent militia movement,” Zeskind said, is the result of a combination of events, including a renewed effort to strengthen gun control laws and the revival of the white nationalist movement over the Confederate flag issue.”

Here is where the Kansas Star approaches calling everyone “racist.” Not everyone who wants to keep the Confederate Flag is “white.” H.K. Edgerton, for example is a black man, as are many others who want to preserve the heritage and history of the nation. But the media is bound and determined to make all of us look like racists when we are most certainly not.
Labeling us as “insurgents” is also the plan to literally create “domestic terrorists” out of ordinary people.
‘Domestic terrorists’

“The Star reported on the rise of militias as part of  a series on domestic terrorism last year.” 

Do you see how they have painted all of us in the patriot movement in a negative light with the words?  “Militia” is not a bad word, and it is not about “domestic terrorism.” Doug Giles of Clash Daily once stated that “Militia is only a bad word if you’re a tyrant.”

The U.S. government already labels people as “domestic terrorists” if the words “tyranny” or other terms pop up in the conversation.  Just because someone is a member of a militia does not mean that they are some sort of terrorists.  If the government is unable to or refuses to protect the citizens, then a militia is needed. But the left wing view is deadly and places everyone at risk.
Battleground: the mind
The war of words will only get worse, America.  It is the battle for your mind. The pictures that come up in your thoughts as you read the words or listen to them on television/radio are designed to create a certain way of thinking. They are designed to do certain things, and allow you to think critically is not one of them.
Pay close attention, folks. The division has only just begun.


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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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