Anti-2A Everytown lobbying group asks 3 ‘simple questions’

Everytown for Gun Safety is launching another offensive to increase membership and drum up support for gun control.

Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun prohibition lobbying group created and supported by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is asking recipients of an email blast sent Friday to answer three questions and help “put an end to the NRA.”

Everytown, like the establishment media, seems locked forever in the mindset that the National Rifle Association is the only gun rights organization on the landscape. Were the NRA to suddenly disappear, there are several other groups already on the front lines of Second Amendment activism.

The questionnaire wants to know if the recipient is ready to “mobilize and fight back in every community across the country,” and why the recipient decided to “become a part of the movement to end gun violence.”

But the real thrust is in the first question. Everytown wants to know “What gun lobby legislation being debated in statehouses across the country makes you most concerned?

The checklist includes permitless carry, punishing local governments for passing gun safety laws, arming teachers, repealing background checks, Stand-Your-Ground, prohibiting local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun safety laws, allowing reckless firearm intimidation, concealed carry reciprocity and/or open carry.

What they really want to know is whether the recipient opposes Constitutional Carry, state preemption laws, armed teachers trained to protect students in an emergency, self-defense, Second Amendment sanctuaries, carrying firearms at political rallies and the ability to carry concealed from one state to another.

It doesn’t matter whether any shooting incidents have happened at schools with armed teachers, nor does it explain that some school districts are ceasing having armed school resource officers from local sheriff’s or police departments on campus.

And Everytown clearly wants to dismantle state preemption statutes that have provided uniformity in gun regulation for many years.

It probably should not be surprising for a gun control group to launch such an effort. With the anti-gun Biden administration in trouble with voters—the newest Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking poll shows Joe Biden continuing to plummet—and the likelihood Congress will flip to Republican control next year, gun prohibitionists are scrambling to accomplish what they can in the time remaining.

There is also the likelihood the U.S. Supreme Court may strike down the concept of discretionary issue of concealed carry licenses next year.

Rasmussen’s survey released Friday shows Biden with a dismal 57 percent disapproval rating against a 42 percent approval. But there is more. Only 21 percent of likely voters strongly approve of Biden’s job performance, while a whopping 49 percent strongly disapprove.

The next 12 months could provide anti-gunners with their final chance to push their extreme gun control agenda and they will make the most of it.


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