Another cyber attack…and this time it was personal


hackedWhile NO one person or government controls what goes out over the internet…even though Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his minions like to think they do…and because of the 2013 NSA spying scandal, this spring Brazil will host an international summit on internet governance to address the many internet concerns, including hacking done by both governments and individuals.

And when you think about it, this is, in NO uncertain terms, bigger than the NSA scandal itself because the internet is public domain open to any and all anywhere in the world. And this brings with it the opportunity for international hackers as well as homegrown hackers to target, hack into, and crash sites and internet broadcasts they don’t like or have been ‘paid’ to crash for whatever reason the person hiring them deems appropriate.

As most of you know by now, this past Wednesday’s debut of Craig Andresen’s and my Right Side Patriot radio show on CPR Worldwide Media was hacked into and shutdown half an hour into our broadcast. It appears the hackers did their damage by sneaking into the server through the corresponding website chat/comment room, crashing us through the IP address, and then running through the entire website into the radio server. And Craig took a personal attack to his computer as well, which caused it to crash completely, inflicting major damage to the unit that he and our CPR family is still working on to repair and restore…if they can that is.Also, besides our show, 14 other CPR broadcasts were also hit and crashed on Wednesday. And shows on PNN have been hit, shows on WRAM have been hit, shows on Blogtalk Radio have been hit, other internet sites and shows have been hit, and even sites and shows ‘of name’ have been hit…all within this past week or two.

Many cyber attacks in the past have been traced directly back to Turkey, to Saudi Arabia, to the Dominican Republic, to the UK, and to Germany amongst other countries, and Wednesday’s attack did indeed come from one of these countries as well.

And we all know that cyber attacks are one of the calling cards of the left, and this attack on us and on the 14 other CPR shows was a calculated pre-planned attack. And that is NOT unusual for ever since Barack HUSSEIN Obama assumed office, the fact is that left-wing liberals and islamic extremists have increased the use of cyber attacks to silence any and all conservative voices and any and all who criticize islam or mohamed,

Whatever the reason for the attacks or whomever the attacks are perpetrated on, please know that cyber attacks are NOT a joke nor are they harmless pranks as they are indeed ‘virtual vandalism’ of the worst kind for they shut down the all important critical flow of information…meaning they shut down the truth the government does NOT want you to know. And these attacks cause those targeted to have to pay for expensive repair costs or be forced to shut down and be silenced completely.

Sending what’s called ‘packets’ (usually consisting of ‘so-called’ normal innocuous information, but in our case the ‘packets’ were used to open a port then install a virus which crashed our show and the other CPR shows), these cyber attacks are directly used to pinpoint and silence the conservative press, bloggers, and media (radio, TV, video) as we are NOTHING but a thorn in the side to Obama and to the islamist regimes that he so loves, placates, and bows down to. And the sad part is that if these hackers do succeed in disabling and silencing those of us who expose this administration’s dirty little secrets and cover-ups, Obama will indeed have total control over what ‘We the People’ are told or NOT told…what ‘We the People’ can access and what we cannot access…and that is something we can NEVER allow to happen.

Remember, one of Obama’s Executive Orders called ‘Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions’ gave him and the feds the power to seize all communication lines in an emergency under the guise of national security. In fact, on the government’s official website for the National Communications Systems (NCS), it says those powers encompass the “infrastructure includes wireline, wireless, satellite, cable, and broadcasting, and provides the transport networks that support the Internet and other key information systems,” which translates into Obama indeed giving himself control of among other things the internet, and the American people be damned for it will be Obama and Obama alone who decides what constitutes an emergency and what does NOT constitute an emergency.

And with Obama you just know that he will turn the simplest thing into an emergency…or he will outright fabricate an emergency if need be…to further his socialist/islamic agenda.

And that brings me back to Wednesday’s attack on the 14 CPR shows in addition to our Right Side Patriots show. While we know the attack on us was NOT done by Obama…obviously…his lase-faire attitude concerning internet safety and security has allowed hackers to run rampant and gain fairly easy access to even the most secured of sites. And with Obama NOT doing a thing to help stop these attacks or to help secure America’s internet airwaves…it becomes obvious that he needs the internet as part of his quest to control us.

A catch-22 situation that unfortunately ‘We the People’ are at the receiving end of.

And as for all the nonsense that is done against we conservative talk show hosts as Obama and his people try to silence us, let it be known that those efforts will be met with a brick wall for we do NOT run from a fight nor do we cower in fear of him or his minions. We…and in this case Craig, I, and our CPR family…will fight back in the manner and way we do best…by continuing to get the truth out to the public…the truth that Obama wants silenced at all costs…period.


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