Another College Student Cleared of Rape..University Spanked

false-rape-accusations-header-rColleges are handling rape cases on their own instead of turning them over to regular law enforcement.  Why would they do that when police and the courts have way more experience in this type of matter?

The answer is simple.  University presidents don’t like the regular court system because they adhere to the Constitution and that makes it much harder to convict an innocent male student.  In a real court you get to present evidence, face your accuser and the burden of proof is on the accuser.  In today’s colleges the opposite is true, but that may change real quickly.]

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), was sued by student Corey Mock after he was thrown of the campus in the rape of Molly Morris.  In the original charge Mock was exonerated and then Morris appealed.

No new evidence was offered but Mock was convicted without ever being able to present a defense.  Morris claims she was drugged and raped but did not make the accusation until months later.  She had no evidence that she was drugged or raped.  But that was good enough for UTC.

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