Analysis: Who Is REALLY Blocking The Aid Ukraine Needs To Fight Russia?

Who is blocking the fighter jets, the anti-aircraft weapons from the suffering Ukrainian people? Another way to ask that question is:  “Who in addition to Vladimir Putin is responsible for the genocide of the brave Ukrainian people? A people fighting for their survival against missiles and jets with sticks?”

Yes, the brave Ukrainians are fighting high technology Russian jets and missiles, basically with sticks. They have begged the United States since December 2021 for air defense missiles and recently for MIG-29 jets from Poland. It is public knowledge that Biden has blocked these, leaving Ukraine open to genocide with its cities bombed into hell.

The decision-maker of the American government has blocked the delivery of these key weapons to Ukraine. Blocked them.

Of course everyone knows that Biden has severe dementia and is not making decisions. So who is the decision maker? Who is the one behind the genocide of 42 million people being bombed into oblivion?

Who is the puppet master that is denying Ukraine the weapons it needs to survive and avoid genocide.

As I mentioned, it’s clear that the person sitting in the White House weekdays, has severe dementia, and has no idea what’s going on around him. And is not making decisions.

There are many factors which apparently point to one person as the true decision-maker. The one with his hands drenched in the blood of Ukrainian children. Let’s take a look at some of these factors:

During the regime of Barak Obama, in 2014, as Russian and Pro-Russian militias took over the Eastern Donbass Provinces of Ukraine by force… the then President, Barak Obama, REFUSED to send weapons to Ukraine.

Obama sent blankets and peanut butter sandwiches instead. His policy then and now in 2022, is not to provide the arms needed by Ukraine to survive.

The American policy changed when a new President, Donald Trump, sent antitank weapons to Ukraine and other weapons which actually helped them survive against Russian paramilitary and military in disguise, who had taken over the eastern provinces of the country and Crimea.

Then after the contested presidential election of 2020, Joe Biden was installed in the White House, and has been following the Obama policy of denying weapons needed by Ukraine for survival.

In fact, apparently, we don’t have to look very far to find who is actually making these genocidal decisions in 2022 to deny weapons to Ukraine.

According to Barak Obama, it’s apparently Obama himself. Yes in a video Mr. Obama lays it all out. And in addition to Obama’s own words, the policies of flowing from the demented lips of Joe Biden are exactly those of Barak Obama.

Meanwhile, no electricity, no water, no food, no place to live. Thousands of Ukranians in each city bombed die of horrific injuries. And tens of thousands have horrific injuries. The bombardment which the Ukrainians could have halted with the Polish MiIG-29 aircraft, and much early delivery of other weapons, means death. The Russian bombardment means genocide.

Now the first week of April, Ukraine has basically run out of weapons. And never had the jets and anti-aircraft missiles to defend itself anyway.

On March 31st, a governmental delegation from Ukraine visited the US Capital and spoke to members of congress. They made it clear, Ukraine and its people will be crushed without the weapons they need. the weapons blocked by the person who is making decisions for Joe Biden.

Members of Ukraine’s Parliament visited the U.S. Capitol to advocate for more aid to be sent to the Eastern European nation. The all female delegation spoke to reporters on Wednesday at the Ukrainian Embassy, where they laid out a list of what they need in terms of military equipment. Their list includes proper air defense systems and fighter jets.

We need to kick Russian soldiers off our land and for that, we need all, all possible weapons,” stressed Anastasia Radina, member of Ukrainian Parliament. “We have been discussing the major issue of providing Ukraine with proper air defense systems. We should include jets and we hope that this issue will be dealt with in a in a timely manner because for Ukraine promises or discussions or any other kinds of, frankly inaction, are not helpful anymore.”

If what Obama himself said about wanting a front man in the office of the president, while he makes the disastrous decisions is the reality now… the Obama team in 2014 and their retreads of 2022 are drenched in the blood of Ukrainian men, women, and children. The blood of genocide.

Never forget what they have done, and vote as if freedom depends on it. Safeguard election security, accuracy and honesty, as if our families lives depend on it. Because they do.

Dr Joel S. Holmes is an engineer working in alternative energy equipment design, including hydropower. Also working in code cracking.

He was editor for a team of academic intel analysts, who produced the new bombshell report of the alleged blackmail by the Russian intelligence of high level Obama Administration officials.

The Report was suppressed but now is available for anyone for a massive wake-up call, on Amazon. Thrilling reading, it reads like a spy novel:



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