An Open Letter To Tucker Carlson Haters About The Truth He Taught Us

Take it all with a grain of salt if you must, but for more and more of us, suspicions have morphed into assertions of fact, and the “theories” of conspiracies have become clarified into who and how and when. – Jim Darlington, April 25, 2023

To the forces that sent Tucker Carlson out the door and off the air:

You know he told the truth, and you know that you prefer to lie.

You know the massive Chinese influence on American policy and institutions is literally guiding the United States to defeat, while our influence over the CCP has dwindled to nothing.

You know the likelihood is extremely high that the Chinese Communist Party’s virus was unleashed intentionally, in concert with American communists, who derided early efforts to minimize the spread with claims of xenophobia. Till it had its claws well set in our flesh. Till it could be used as a tool of draconian control. Till it could be leveraged to open the doors to the chief methodology for massive electoral fraud, only possible through the absurdity of unverifiable mail-in balloting.

You know, utterly, that the World Health Organization is China’s tool and that it would appear Anthony Fauci has long done Beijing’s bidding. Every policy he promoted caused incalculable damage to America’s health, wealth and well-being. And was intended to do so.

You know the election of 2020 was an exercise in treason. You were there. You saw what was done. We all did. You can say there is no God, but He will disagree. You can say the election was fair and honest. Or you can say the vaccines were safe and effective.

You know that Joe Biden is a corrupt and thoroughly compromised puppet, who was selected as our presidential figurehead solely by virtue of his willing ascent to every lie placed before him and his unique and in-your-face talent for delusional embellishment. You know his presence in the White House is a purposeful mockery, telling us of our impotence to even know who is truly governing us.

You know that it is impossible for us to avoid the most obvious. That every policy of this administration has been directed at our destruction and that every implausible justification is pure rot.

You know we don’t need 10 million new lawbreakers crossing our borders, which we will have by 2024. You know that allowing such a travesty is in itself a matter of high criminality. You know it is evil, and you grin at each other, believing we deserve the damage caused and that you deserve the votes it will bring.

We didn’t need to gift the Taliban with $80,000,000,000-plus worth of U.S. military equipment. We didn’t need to gift the Chinese the biggest military airbase in the region, fully equipped. We didn’t need to move the military out before securing the evacuation of American civilians and the Afghans who had been our allies.

We didn’t need to destroy U.S. energy independence.

We didn’t need to print money to fund leftist fantasies and create severe inflation. We didn’t need to surrender the U.S. dollar as the sole currency for international trade – not unless we were really intent on assuring our weakness in coming times of greater conflict.

You know Ukraine was one of the prime troughs of corruption, at which the Biden crime family fed. You know that the U.S. State Department squashed efforts, early in the war, for a cease-fire, then amenable to both sides in the conflict. You can’t pretend to be ignorant of the unbeatable odds that millions, if not billions of the U.S. “aid” going to Ukraine are finding their way back into the coffers of the American left, for the purposes of buying additional elections.

We didn’t need to become a nation confused over what a man is and what a woman is, or whether 7-year-olds need an insane rationale for choosing which sex to be, training manual to follow.

We haven’t needed growing decriminalization of felons and the resulting helplessness of the citizens walking the streets, which have been given over to the mobs and the thugs.

We didn’t need the House speaker’s refusal to honor the president’s request for the National Guard to control the expected protests January 6. We didn’t need the incitement of the Capitol Police lobbing stun grenades into peaceful crowds. We didn’t need for a host of coordinated operatives to lead the breach of the Capitol. We didn’t need the unanswered killing of U.S. citizens, by those same police. We have not needed the attribution of “white supremacy” to a racially mixed crowd of protesters, for whom the Capitol Police opened doors. We didn’t need two and a half years of political persecution and unlawful imprisonment of those who stood in the gap against the coup that has taken us to the brink of chaos.

But this is what Democrat fools do. When the facts march in and the last lie fizzles, they run to the progressive propagandists for the new set of lies. They go to where the communists sit at a table covered in glossy pamphlets, smiling genuinely and insinuating dire consequences to those who fail to grasp their particular and most peculiar wisdom.

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