Amnesty by Executive Order

 ex1 no amnesty cover“You cannot simply issue decrees, we don’t rule by decree in this country.”
– Charles Krauthammer FOX News political commentatorIn a few days Barack HUSSEIN Obama will deliberately tear our country apart as pay-back for the Election Day shellacking he and his party received.

Granting legal status to roughly 4.5 million what he refers to as ‘undocumented immigrants’…who in reality are ILLEGAL criminals who need to be sent home as many of them are guilty of serious criminal acts beyond just their ILLEGALLY…will soon have their names added…along with tens of thousands of others just like them…to the Democratic voter rolls and help to keep Democrats in control of the government for years to come. And these people will NOT just be added to voter rolls but now will also be able to have their names added to the currently falling union membership rosters…helping to keep Obama’s hand in the union pot so to speak…as well as guarantee their undying loyalty to the party by adding them to the welfare and other government subsidies rolls as well.

ex2 studentsBy Obama’s granting what he calls ‘legal status’ to ILLEGAL-alien parents of U.S. born (citizen) children, as well as expanding his 2012 executive order known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)…which granted deferred action (delaying or halting deportation) to illegals who met certain requirements and criteria and who came to the U.S. before the age of 16 and arrived before 2007…to now include those who arrived before 2010…translates into Obama willfully going against the wishes of two out of three American citizens.

Now essentially suspending deportation for almost a full half of the ILLEGALS currently residing in this country, the Republicans are mad as hell over what should be a collaboration between Congress and the president, but has now become Obama going it alone via ‘his pen and his phone’ instead of giving the newly elected Congress a modicum of a chance to try for a solution to the ILLEGAL problem…a solution that is as simple as enforce the laws already on the books.

ex4 amnesty no amnestyIn fact, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus has called on Republicans in the House to stop Obama’s actions through the budget process. Remember, the Republicans still control the House even with this sitting Congress so they can defund in full the monies needed to implement Obama’s plan thus rendering it null and void. And a growing number of House Republicans…led by Rep. Matt Salmon of Arizona…have already signed a letter to the Republican hierarchy that insists the party include language in the upcoming ‘for vote’ spending bill to prevent this most anti-American of all presidents from taking any and all unilateral action on immigration.

And this what amounts to amnesty…for amnesty is what Obama’s executive order will truly convey…will take jobs away from already struggling American workers…and really does make a mockery of the Obama heralded jobs numbers that are anything but truthful, for the fact remains that one out of four American workers is currently unemployed. The 5.9 percent current unemployment figures touted by the Obama administration does NOT take into effect those who’ve stopped looking for work, along with those relegated down to part-time employees because their employers could NOT afford to cover them insurance wise thanks to the abomination that is ObamaCare.

ex5 no deportationAnd who will be hurt the most by Obama’s circumnavigating Congress with this amnesty action…none other than his blind-following sheeple including low-skilled black American workers, especially young black men who are more likely to be part of the low-skilled labor force than are white men of the same age. Of note is the fact that black worker’s wages have been the slowest to rebound from the recession, and when you add in that what few low-skilled jobs there are available will now be taken away from them by these newly Obama-made LEGAL ILLEGALS, black Americans are starting to see the truth behind the man who claims to be one of them.

Finally seeing that these people will be granted the work permits, photo IDs, and Social Security numbers needed to allow them to take said jobs and benefits away, black workers will now be forced to compete for those very jobs that these ILLEGALS would NEVER have been considered for before…so it’s NO wonder that blacks have NOT taken all too kindly to Obama’s recent round of stump speeches.

ex6 employ americansSo I guess it’s adieu to Obama’s phony love fest for his black brethren as his upcoming action will prove once and for all that he does NOT care about them either…now if they were muslim that would be a different story…just saying.

And as far as the legalities of what Obama is planning on doing let it be known that executive ordered amnesty is indeed a violation of the Constitution for NOWHERE in our founding document…the document that is the law of our land…does it grant the president authority to issue an executive order whose sole purpose is to unilaterally overturn a law or laws currently on the books. In fact, Article II grants the president only the power to execute laws, NOT write or change laws simply because he cannot get Congress to march in lock-step with him. And since Article I vests all lawmaking power to the Congress, that means that Congress and Congress alone can grant amnesty per se. Remember, amnesty is NOT a pardon which presidents do have the authority to do and so love to do before leaving office.

So the bottom line is that if Barack HUSSEIN Obama does indeed follow through with this threat…and make NO mistake this executive order is both a threat and a vengeful act of payback…it would be just one more criminal and highly ILLEGAL act to add to the long and growing list of impeachable offenses that this sitting Congress is just too afraid of the race card to act upon…and that is the saddest thing of all.
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