America’s Cultural Revolution of Woke Violence

By Brian James Godawa

“A new nihilism is beginning to surround the common citizen in all of the institutions that matter.” So begins Christopher Rufo’s “genealogy of the darkness” of the woke movement from its origins to the present in the preface to his new book, “America’s Cultural Revolution: How The Radical Left Conquered Everything.”

“The Big Lebowski” notwithstanding, nihilism is not a bumbling German philosophical “belief in nothing,” but rather a radical rejection of reality, meaning and values. It is a cynical revolutionary theory that reduces all values to power with the intent of delegitimizing current society and creating chaos. The endgame of nihilist revolutionaries is to grab power and force society to conform to the revolutionary’s own view of reality, meaning and values (yes, that is an ironic yet predictable contradiction in their beliefs).

And that is exactly what is happening in our modern higher educational system.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Rufo explains that for the past couple generations, universities have indoctrinated students into the worldview of critical theories that follow this nihilistic reduction of truth into power and privilege. Those students have then gone on to bring that worldview with them into employment in the media, law, government and corporations, thereby capturing the commanding heights of the culture and controlling the social structure and norms of both information and behavior.

Thus, we now face violations of freedoms and human rights only dreamed of in dystopian novels of totalitarianism like “1984.” Actual domestic terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are allowed to riot in the streets, destroy billions of dollars of private and public property, and even murder dozens of people in the name of “social justice,” while at the same time innocent parents who legally and peacefully protest school boards to protect their God-given unalienable rights to protect their children from pornography and sexual grooming are defined as “domestic terrorists.”

The sacred right to freedom of speech, a bedrock of actual democracy, is now selectively applied to leftist speech that hates or smears anything Christian or conservative, but denied to Christians and conservatives whose political and religious speech is politically labeled “hate speech,” and then censored, shadow-banned, demonetized and canceled.

And the language of nihilism in the above strategies is the most strategic and most dangerous. All these captured institutions from media to law to government and corporations now use the linguistic tactic of defining legitimate opposing or dissident views as “racism,” “hate speech,” “white supremacy,” “Nazi,” or “Hitler.”

Students have learned at the university to define right-wing speech as “violence,” but to define actual left-wing violence as “speech.” Heck, they’ve even redefined silence as “violence” if it doesn’t support their politics. So, by definition, conservatives who speak up are considered violent and those who do not speak up are also considered violent. The result is that left-wing violence against all conservatives vocal or silent is “self-defense.” A vicious circle of rationalization for violence.

Trans-activists claim to be in an “existential” battle for their survival. They say that people who want to intellectually defeat their ideas in our culture are calling for genocide.

When you tell yourself that you are not only being victimized and oppressed, but your enemies are trying to commit genocide against you, then of course you will be driven to violence and feel justified that your violence is merely self-defensive survival. You will do evil and call it good. That’s how rationalization works.

Do you see the intent here? Everything the Left disagrees with is defined as violent or evil to an extreme on the level of those who commit genocide.

The endgame of all this rhetoric of violence is to justify their own violence in response to their opponents’ ideas. It begins with economic violence in canceling dissidents and seeking to destroy their income and ability to provide for their food and shelter. But the ultimate end is physical violence against the Christian and conservative body.

That’s because ideas have consequences.

Let’s hope that the generation of nihilists being created in the academy doesn’t turn out to be a generation of serial killers.

Brian Godawa’s new theological thriller novel about a serial killer in a woke university, “Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer,” is now available at Amazon.com. Godawa is an Amazon bestselling author (“Chronicles of the Nephilim”), an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, a controversial movie and culture blogger (www.Godawa.com), and an internationally known teacher on faith, worldviews and storytelling (Hollywood Worldviews).

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