Allegorical circles, Egypt, Israel, and an impotent American Congress

Yesterday I was asked why I’ve recently been blogging about the happenings in Egypt when we have so many problems here at home and the answer to that is simple…what happens in Egypt could very well be the completion of the circle that acts as a catalyst for change here in America and helps assure Israel’s survival.

The disaster known as the Arab Spring has in NO way altered our interests in the Middle East for when all the bravado is stripped away it remains oil that fuels our Middle East policies for oil is the life-blood to which our government is addicted. Oil and terrorism…terrorism mostly bred and based in the Middle East spreading its hate and destruction all the way to our shores. Oil, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction…WMDs existing in the Middle East that if perchance fall into the wrong hands will be NOT only used against us but will most assuredly be used against Israel.

Israel…where our moral obligations and commitments lie binding us to them even more so than where our religious commitments and loyalties lie for Israel is the only true democracy in an area of the world riddled with dictators, mullahs, and autocrats desperate for power.

A circle of oil, terrorism, and WMDs that starts in the Arab Middle East, keeps drawing America in, and ends in Israel. And the Arabs know that an America-Israel alliance exists for it’s Israel we exchange military doctrine with…it’s Israel we exchange counter-terrorism information and intelligence with…and it’s Israel that we turn to for technological aid in helping to solve some of the world’s most troubling technical and strategic problems.

Israel…the country America turns to and the country that turns in kind to America for support is the very country that is still trying to remove the knife Obama put in her back…a knife dug deep as he sides with his ‘brethren’ over Israel every chance he gets. And that is the reality of the Middle East today for if America does NOT support her allies and friends there is NO need for her enemies to make peace, thus allowing the Middle East to stay on fire.

And so the Middle East policies we have in place under this president most definitely need to be changed. In the past US allegiances in the Middle East depended on Arab governments whose policies did NOT reflect their citizens’ opinions…for we depended on and supported dictators but dictators who supported and were friendly to America and who at least tolerated Israel’s existence. And then the Arab Spring happened and those dictators fell to the people but NOT always to the ‘good guys’ as witnessed by last year’s events in Egypt now being corrected in ancient streets throughout their land.

But sadly for all involved with those NOT ‘good guys’ is where Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s loyalties lie…but NOT the loyalties of the American people. And that’s why Israel is the completion of the circle for if Israel falls America as a superpower will fall with her.

And so we would be wise to NOT engage in a struggle to hold back the Egyptian people from shaping their own destiny, and that means Barack HUSSEIN Obama must NOT get us involved in the internal struggle in a place we should NOT be… unless and only unless Israel’s survival is in jeopardy for Israel can hold the wolves at the door at bay if she knows America is there if she needs us.

This approach would be a major departure from policies initiated under Obama…policies where terrorism is tolerated as our enemies have suddenly and miraculously become our so-called friends…policies that have allowed an American president…America’s very own ‘enemy within’…to throw our true friends and allies aside. The ongoing events in Egypt speak volumes as does American support for Israel. Muslims hate America simply because the American people support Israel, and that hate in turn morphs into terrorism. Obama wants cooperation with bast*rds who hate Israel… who hate America…cooperation with bast*rds who hate both as much as he does.

And while we know that Arab governments do need to be more accepting of the wishes of their people and NOT just cater to the wishes of the religious extremists and zealots in their midst, we in turn then have to make our Middle East policies more accepting to the Arab people NOT just to the Arab rulers. But in doing so we must NEVER…I repeat NEVER…put the Arabs wants and needs before Israel and her need to survive as a Jewish nation.

And that brings the circle back to Egypt, a partner in the Camp David Accords, and the birthplace of the Muslim Brotherhood…all tied together and precariously held in place by a knot that’s coming undone thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama…the most traitorous of men.

Under Hosni Mubarak the Camp David Accords were honored and Israel was at peace with Egypt…Israel was safe and the Egyptian Coptic Christians were safe…beheadings were rare if at all. Enter center stage the Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood puppet President Mohamed Morsi and the Camp David Accords (where land taken in war was given back for peace) became tenuous at best under a new president who called Jews the spawn of pigs, and whose ‘soldiers’ slaughtered Coptic Christian children at whim while laughing at their cries echoing in the night. And throw in a dose of new found reality that Morsi and his Brotherhood kin had a hand in Benghazi…Obama and his brethren’s bloody hands are all over Benghazi…and the circle joins in completion as the knot holding all together falls to the ground.

And all is exposed as Egypt is angry…Israel is on edge…and America stands by as Egyptians take to the streets to right an oh so wrong.  And sadly, America’s Congressional leaders impotently bow their heads in shame in fear of the race card being used against them, and so do NOTHING to expose the one who continues to fuel the hate smoldering on the surface of the Middle East…the very one who might be surprised that what the Egyptian people started just might have ignited a fire in the belly of ‘We the People’…and that fire will come to a head in November 2014.


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