ABC reporter engages in journalism, says White House threatening default on debt ceiling

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carney2ABC News’ Jonathan Karl actually engaged in a bit of real journalism when he called out White House press spokesman Jay Carney over Obama’s refusal to negotiate with Republicans on the debt ceiling, adding that it’s the White House that’s actually threatening default, not the GOP House.

Carney claimed Republicans are engaged in an “all out civil war” with conservatives pushing for a shutdown.  But as The Blaze points out, that’s not what Republicans want.

The Blaze reported:

House Republicans on Wednesday promised to pass legislation that would prevent a partial government shutdown and avoid a historic national default while simultaneously canceling out President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. Obama swiftly condemned the effort as attempted political extortion, and the Republican-friendly Chamber of Commerce pointedly called on lawmakers to pass urgent spending and borrowing legislation – unencumbered by debate over “Obamacare.”

Back in the press conference, Karl asked if the White House was “giving up” in the negotiations and refusing to talk to Republicans.

“Are you actually talking to Republicans?” Karl asked.

Jason Howerton added:

“The president’s position is, he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling,” Karl pressed.

“Correct,” Carney replied.

“How is that tenable?” Karl shot back, adding that it’s practically “threatening default” by the White House.

Video of the exchange can be seen below:


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