A “Solomonic/Sophie’s Choice”: Will The Release Of Hostages/Ceasefires Lead To Many More Jewish Deaths?

This IS The Question.

King Solomon, a giant among Judaism’s wisest sages, intoned, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Truer words never spoken.
It is this timeless and munificent advice which one would expect that the leader(s) of the Jewish Homeland abide by – most especially, during war-time. Tragically, this is far from the case. In all honestly, it never has been.
But before we get to the heart of the matter, it is beyond imperative to state, loudly and clearly: every Jewish soul (whether civilians or soldiers) held captive by the barbaric monsters on our doorstep – be they tortured by Hamas or another Islamic hydra thereof – is a dagger into every beating heart. Even more so, the profound pain and anguish felt by their loved ones is incalculable. No one should suffer such heartache.
Still yet, this is where the underlying truth regarding the calamitous “hostage release + ceasefire” deal must be shouted from the rooftops.
From the onset, a true statesman would never, ever allow clear and present danger national security decision-making to be guided by emotionalism; international pressure; political expediency, or any related non-victory-driven stratagem.
In this regard, PM Netanyahu stood before the nation (and the entire world, civilized and non-civilized) and issued a proclamation via the approval of his “War Cabinet”:
As excerped at INN:
The government approved the hostage deal, brought forward by the War Cabinet, by a large majority of 35 in favor and 31 against. The Religious Zionist ministers voted in favor. Only Otzma Yehudit ministers led by Itamar Ben Gvir voted against.

Opposition leader MK Yair Lapid responded Wednesday morning to the government’s decision to approve the deal , saying, “We support the agreed outline, the State of Israel has a supreme obligation to continue working to bring all the hostages home, until the very last one. We embrace and support the families of the hostages.” 

US President Joe Biden welcomed the deal to release the hostages held by Hamas, which was approved by the government, and promised to make sure that it “will be carried out in full.”

“I welcome the deal to release the hostages kidnapped by the terrorist organization in its brutal attack against Israel on October 7,” added Biden.

The vast majority of the prisoners to be released in this deal are under age 20. Many are Israeli citizens, and a large percentage belong to a terrorist organization (Hamas, Fatah, PFLP, PIJ and others). All have been involved in criminal activities, including attempted murder, stabbing attacks, support of terrorism, actions endangering state security, causing severe bodily harm, stone throwing, arson, bearing illegal arms, and more
Discerning listeners/readers recognize the subtext of what underlies the above, that is, a bowing down/capitulation to the most hostile U.S. administration in modern history towards the State of Israel – chock full of retreads from Obama 3.0! The slave-master relationship is in plain view.
Atop all of that, it demonstrates, in no uncertain terms, that the barbarians of Hamas – and, by extention, their paymasters in Qatar and Iran – are still calling the shots, despite the rubble which valiant IDF forces have reduced Gaza to.
Furthermore, this odious “deal” heaps additional trauma onto an already  suffering majority public by way of a collective feeling of abject humiliation, and, as always, the inevitable, stopping short of victory. Alas, alongside the above, there exists a less than six degree separation between Hamas and their supporters in D.C. After all, top national security advisers to President Biden include several Islamists schooled by CAIR – who openly support Hamas and various like-minded terror appendages, be they Sunni or Shia.
It is alongside this treacherous terrain that a force-multiplier effect exposes the Jewish Homeland to an existential peril; the “exchange of hostages” + the so-called “ceasefire“, as comprehensively elucidated (within the link) by none other than the truly esteemed, Caroline Glick.
Yes, as this Islamic Jihadi expert oft-warned, every time the IDF ceases fire, it allows the Jihadis the time/space/reprieve/manuevering/re-positioning to re-group and reconstitute for their next murderous onslaught! In agreement with the analysis within, let it be known: American-Israeli Professor Aumann, Nobel Winner in “Game Theory”, a world reknowned Mathematician, expounded on this very “Solomonic/Sophie’s Choice” decision.
As such, it would be gravely remiss not to take a look-back as to the whys and wherefores re the very same deals with the devil.
Who recalls the horrific “Schalit Exchange” (and a host of others) and all of its ramifications – pointedly, vis a vs the barbaric attack on October 7, 2023; a day that will go down in the annals of history for a savagery reminiscent of the Nazi-driven Holocaust!? Incontestably, scores of released terrorists, in fact, the “exchanged terrorist mastermind”Yahya Sinwar, plotted and planned the on-going massacre! Totally expected. As is said, the Einsteinian definition of “insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results.” Not only that, reportedly, Bibi had the opportunity to assassinate Sinwar 6 times, but declined — incapable, as always, of executing a statesman-like decision.
More specifically, in July 2007, “No Crime Without Punishment; There is a method to the madness” is beyond a deja vu moment in time. For all practical intents and purposes, it was predictive and should be internalized as to what awaits – not necessarily this year or next, but in the near future, indeed, at the time and place of their choosing. And what can also be predicted, the leadership (regardless of who sits astride the helm) will exhibit oh so shocked….shocked exhortations.
If the above still leaves one in doubt – as per the inevitable and eventual knock-on effects ala the twin spears emanating from the leadership’s so-called strategic calculus re the “hostage deal” + the “ceasfire” – the most potent advice within is to pay rapt attention to the clarion call from “The Son of Hamas.” As an adjunct, learn the lessons well within this strategic analysis, “Son of Hamas Leader Breaks Silence: They Must Be Stopped!”
As discomfiting and disquieting as it is, Israel’s leaders are setting the stage for the next onslaught; that which will be more potent than this on-going campaign for national survival.

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