6-year-old cancer patient latest victim of Obama’s ‘Big Lie’

Ellie PorterWhen 6-year-old Ellie Porter was diagnosed four months ago with a rare form of cancer, her father, a doctor, knew that his daughter was literally facing the fight of her young life. He didn’t know at the time — no one outside of the Obama administration did — that another fight was brewing that would unnecessarily complicate a situation that was already every parent’s nightmare. The president had gotten appeared news cameras numerous times and promised, “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. Period.”

That pledge has turned out to be a magnificent, glaring lie. Suddenly, there was a qualification to it that had never been mentioned. You could keep your health plan so long as it met twelve conditions imposed by the Affordable Care Act. Any policy that didn’t, for example, include maternity care and drug rehabilitation was now arbitrarily judged to be “substandard.”

Ellie Porter’s policy was canceled because it didn’t comply with the “standards” of the Affordable Care Act. Dr. Paul Porter recently appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the curve ball Obamacare has thrown at this family. “It’s just adding something for us that we didn’t need at this current time,” he said, noting that the family was “very happy” with their insurance coverage

The policy that was canceled costs $364.13 a month. An Obamacare-compliant policy would more than double their premium, to $783.75 a month.

Ellie’s is not the first story of the law’s harmful impact on children with cancer or other chronic illnesses. Other such cases have been reported here and here. The president, despite his fondness for carting warm bodies before the press cameras to score points, has conveniently ignored these stories, which run counter to his preferred narrative. In the meantime, he continues to blast anyone who rejects his awful law as being motivated by politics, while remaining stubbornly dug in himself.

For him the ends really do justify the means.

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