2nd Amendment Supporters’ Surprise Facebook Ally

Who is part of a secret admin group dedicated to bringing back the pages of pro-second amendment supporters when they have been banned? Could it be true that there is a gun enthusiast working for Facebook? Let’s find out.

A patriot in a liberal organization? 

It sounds like an oxymoron, a pro-gun enthusiast working for Facebook. But after Facebook announced in February that it was banning all gun sales on their social media platform, this patriot stepped in to help  mediate the ensuing disasters. Getting those pages back up and in compliance with the policy was his plan.

He has taught hundreds of Facebook employees how to shoot. He’s a certified NRA firearms instructor. He even assisted the Feds with their background check system to help it handle the additional load after more background checks were added to it. He’s a computer genius, with a team of managers at Facebook. But who is he?

Facebook’s Vague Policy

Facebook doesn’t “proactively” hunt down people who do private gun sales. They rely on their members to report the groups or pages. (The whack-a-mole method).

The problem comes as people are using the platform to privately sell firearms, which is against the Facebook rules. And they’re very clever about it – using code words and private messages,  changing the names of their groups or pages to bizarre things to avoid detection.

The advocate says that most of the difficulty comes because the Facebook gun sales policy is too vague.

“This is why I am helping to crisis manage this little mess…Next priority is to get the policy straight so you know how to manage your groups and pages and don’t have to live in this constant fear of getting your businesses or communities pulled out from underneath you.” 

Anti-gun group trolls hate him

‘Everytown for gun safety’ has formed a group of trolls who hunt for gun pages, posts and comments on Facebook. They have been instrumental in taking down thousands of pages and group posts.  They report any gun-related post as a “credible threat of violence” which is totally wrong, but there is no standard way of reporting it.

And take them down they do:


This patriot has worked with the admins of pro-gun pages taken down to clear off the content in order to make it compliant with Facebook rules so that the pages can be reinstated. Which Everytown hates.

“We’ve shut down thousands (of posts and group pages), reporting hundreds per day. And then we see them pop back up again, which is really upsetting.” Everytown member

Saving Facebook from Losing Members- but who is he?

Hundreds of gun enthusiast pages and groups have been brought back online with the help of this man. Without his assistance, the trolls would have won the battle.

One member of the “secret” admin group wrote that he “has been nothing but courteous, sympathetic and helpful through this entire ordeal. He has been instrumental in springing many admins of these sites, even the buy and trade sites, from ‘FB jail’ over the past few days. Whether you choose to accept ‘the new normal’ or wish to rage against the machine he is one of the good guys here.”

Certainly people can leave Facebook and start over on another platform, but none have the same reach. For businesses who need marketing to survive, Facebook is the best answer…if they can comply with the ban on private gun sales. And frankly, leaving the platform allows anti-gunners the satisfaction of winning.

Thank you, Chuck Rossi, for being a bastion of common sense in a messed up liberal world.

Chuck Rossi

Forbes Magazine printed an article by Matt Drange that took the “secret” out of the “admin  contact” group.





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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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