Young Girl Bullied, Kicked Off Women’s March for Wearing Trump Hat

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A 13 year old girl started walking with the women at Saturday’s march, but was told to either remove her Trump hat or remove herself. She refused to remove her hat. Her mother was berated as a “bad mother” who taught her daughter to be a “Fascist.”

In a video by David Harris at Trumpians, Micah, 13, and Delayne, her mother, talked about going to the “women’s march” to take videos for Micah’s class. The women were not welcoming, and extremely hostile.

“If they are talking about women’s rights and equals, we should be able to march with them.” Micah

The teen said that she felt “bullied” by those women who were booing Trump and booing them.

What kind of jerks would bully a young girl and her mother? Liberals who could truly care less about anyone but their own selfish agenda.

It was never about women

As we have been reporting, the REAL agenda of the Women’s march has absolutely nothing to do with women’s rights. It was an anti-Trump rally. Originally set up back in August as a Hillary celebration, it became a hate-Trump event when she lost. And those who organized it, those who paid for it (Soros), are extremists – left wingers who refused not just this young lady, but any pro-life women as well.

Micah stated that one man who was a Trump supporter was hit in the back of the head with a selfie-stick and it cut his head open.

Loving. Tolerant.

Gloria Steinem and Planned Parenthood partnered together for the march that shouted “my body, my choice” (read that, “kill babies”) with their rhetoric and their signs. Madonna felt like blowing up the White House – by the way, the Secret Service has reportedly launched an investigation into that little tirade (according to the Gateway Pundit).

But when a bunch of hooting weirdo women bully a 13 year old child, someone needs to take some action.

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