Yes, Virginia, Democrat Mike Dickinson is a loon who doesn’t deserve to be elected to anything

dickinsonIt’s become quite clear by now that Mike Dickinson, the Virginia Democrat who wants to unseat Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., is a certifiable loon who has no business being elected to anything.

Since he first got national notice with his claim that Fox News lies and his call for Stalinist monitoring of the network, he has become increasingly unhinged, to the point of actually advocating lawlessness.

Here’s a rundown of his record as a candidate so far:

He called for the FCC to monitor and regulate Fox News.

He’s compared the NRA and the Tea Party to the KKK.

He called gun owners “little kids” and said guns should be registered like cars.

He said those seeking answers in the Benghazi terror attack are mentally unstable.

He has sought support from people wanting to kill Christians.

He has promised to engage in massive abuses of power against millions of Americans if elected.

He issued an online threat against an elected Republican delegate.

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He declared war on the Tea Party, the NRA, Fox News, those who watch Fox NEws, Christians and other “trash.”

He admitted lying about his connections to local adult businesses.

Now, he is calling on his supporters to violate federal and state laws regarding the privacy of license plates in an effort to harass members of the Tea Party.

He refused to pay a part-time campaign staffer for 10 hours of work.

He failed to file election documents on time and is not on the ballot as a Democrat.  He claims, however, he will still be on the ballot, perhaps as a member of the Green Party or as an independent.

Now, the Virginia DMV says they will be looking into some of his activities.

Here’s just a few of his tweets:

Here’s video of Sean Hannity cleaning this guy’s clock:

Here’s video of Greta van Susteren wiping the floor with Dickinson:

Impressive, isn’t it?  And this guy wants to represent Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

Seriously, Virginia, this guy is a certifiable loon and has no business anywhere near an elected office.

A doctor’s office, perhaps.  On a couch, or better yet, in a straight-jacket.