Yes, Jorge Ramos, most Americans want a wall on the southern border, even Hispanics

Us-mexico_border_at_TijuanaIt would seem that despite all the caterwauling on the left, a majority of Americans do want a fence on the southern border.  A YouGov poll indicates that 64 percent of all Americans want the fence — and that includes a plurality of Hispanics.

Forty-four percent of Democrats support the idea as well, as opposed to 43 who do not.  It seems that regardless of the demographic, support for a southern border fence outpaces opposition.  No surprise, really, given the invasion of illegal aliens the Obama regime has enabled.

Here’s the graphic from YouGov:

fence1On the other hand, Americans weren’t too keen on the idea of a fence on the Canadian border:

fence2So, yes, Jorge Ramos, and the rest of the open borders crowd, Americans want a fence on the southern border despite your attempts at demagoguery.


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