Yes is yes (Unless it’s not) — What the Comey firing says about our moral character

Comey fired
Former FBI Director James Comey

I was sipping coffee and checking out the news this morning. All-in-all, it was pretty mundane. Garfield duped Jon out of his lasagna, Beetle Bailey pulled one over on Sarge, Dagwood Bumstead made a sandwich to end all sandwiches, Lucy pulled back the football and Charlie Brown landed on his back, Comey was fired – you know, drab, beige, non-exciting.

Wait – Comey’s firing – mundane?

Pretty much. Everybody who’s not a member of his immediate family has been calling for it since November. The fact that it finally happened is nothing short of a yawner.

However, the fact that the Democratic Party and their media machine have lost their minds over it is news. Roll the gag reel where you see Democrat after Democrat howling about how Comey needs to go. Grab some popcorn and watch as they blame Comey for Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election. Then ask yourself this question: How do they keep a straight face when they cluck their tongues at Trump for doing what they’ve been asking for all along?

The answer lies deeper than a single political party. It goes farther than a news media machine that favors one political party over the other. In fact, it speaks to our moral fiber – or the lack thereof nowadays.

Remember when a man was as good as his word? Do you recall the days when a handshake was as binding as any contract?

Me neither. I’m in my forties and those times were pretty well in the past by the time I came onto the scene.

The Bible speaks to this notion over in the book of Matthew where it is written, “Let your yes be yes and your no, no.” Oh, wait! That’s a Biblical principle and we largely don’t subscribe to those teachings anymore. Yeah. Well, therein lies the issue.

In the magical realm of politics, you can say something and then wave your hand and walk it back if you upset anyone important. Your yes is always yes – unless it’s no. But if your yes is no, then your no could possibly be a maybe – unless it’s actually a yes. But if your maybe is a yes, your yes is a no, and your no is actually a yes, then how can a leopard change its spots and how much wood could a woodchuck REALLY chuck if said woodchuck was actually an armadillo?

Catch my drift? What happened to a simple ‘yes’ or a simple ‘no?’ What happened to truth and honesty? I think we traded them for votes somewhere along the line.

The same is true of planks and platforms…pathetic!

Enter the Comey debacle. One side of the debate calls for him to be terminated. Then, when he is terminated, they’re angry because he has been terminated. Really? Are you really angry because of the termination or are you just angry because it was the other side that did the terminating?

Republicans, stop wagging your heads at the Democrats. You’re just as bad. You threw now-president Trump under the bus for an entire election cycle – right up until the point that it seemed he would win. Then, like a third-grader, you traded sides and proclaimed loudly, “I’ve always supported him!”

Folks, let’s be real. This is what the rank-and-file American citizen is fed up with – from both of our major parties. From federal government all the way down to local townships. The cry is for some authenticity. Americans are sick of faux-outrage. They’re weary of EVERY news story being “breaking news.” They’re ready for some honest, trustworthy, salt-of-the-earth people to be in leadership. You know the kind. They’re the ones whose handshake is still as good as a contract. Their yes means yes – always – even when it’s not popular.

So, forgive me if I don’t attempt a backflip over the firing of Comey. I found a bit more authenticity watching Garfield scarf up Jon’s lasagna. Garfield, at least, acknowledges that he steals from Jon.

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