WTH? ‘Queer’ Agenda Turns Its Sights On … Accounting??

For anyone still under any Pollyanna delusion that Leftist activists waging perpetual war on every norm and institution in America think that they are operating in good faith, you should sit down before you read this.

The line we have been fed is that every one of these movements is rooted and grounded in some never-before-contemplated form of compassion and freedom. That activism is needed to throw off oppression and let people be free to be themselves… or something.

The rage depicted by the omnipresent closed fist of their activism (which bears striking parallels in meaning and symbolism to the tied bundle of sticks with an ax favored by Mussolini) is supposedly directed at oppressive groups or institutions on the right. We’re told they are tearing down the patriarchy, systemic racism, or power structures they deem illegitimate.

That’s the official line they feed to people in the public. But do they believe it themselves? Or are they a loose confederation of anarchists and nihilists who want to burn it all down and refashion the world in their own radical image?

Maybe a peer-reviewed entry in a published journal can shed some light on this question. We’re supposed to take those seriously, right?

Hat tip to the Twitter user who found this study:

Just to make sure it was real, we went to the ScienceDirect website and searched it.

Here is the result of our query. (Note the dizzying number of results.)

Here are the two images the Twitter user included in his tweet. The first is the name of the study, the same one that showed up at the top of our search:

‘The Queering Accounting Manifesto’.

Because Manifestos have never had any negative connotations in history… right?

At a point in our history where our banks are in crisis and people are being swindled by frauds like the one perpetrated by FTX and in which governments at every level are rushing headlong into bankruptcy shouldn’t teaching fiscal binaries and accurate financial principles be the ONLY relevant concern among accountants?

Not for the activists.

As David Burge so aptly put it way back in 2015:

In other words:

Yeah. People like the authors of the article in that journal would NOT like the message John the Baptist came with — the one that precedes every Great Awakening.

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