WTF: Democrats Call for Veterans to Be Stripped of Benefits + USSOCOM Hires Leftist Anti-Trumper, Police Hater as Chief of “Diversity and Inclusion” – WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH??

NEWTON’S THIRD LAW OF MOTION, that is, for every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction, is not only a principle of physics but of life. Ain’t that the truth.

EFFECTIVELY, the knock-on effects of the politicization of the military — more specifically, the targeting of conservatives — is a ‘natural’ lead-in to its feminization via the appointment of a “diversity and inclusion” czar. Could it get any more Orwellian??

USSOCOM Hires Leftist Anti-Trumper, Police Hater as Chief of “Diversity and Inclusion.”

AS such, with the above insanity in mind — coupled with a 60-day ‘stand-down’ order and more — ask yourselves: in the annals of military history, when has the castration of a nation’s fighting forces ever been enacted by its own leadership?? You got that?
IPSO facto, why in the world would America’s enemies — pick your poison — fear what used to be the world’s mightiest fighting force, that is, in light of what’s going down? Anyone?

IN this regard, wouldn’t it follow that the most anti-military regime in U.S. history — yes, the Biden-Harris/Harris-Biden cabal — aligns itself in the forefront of calling for veterans to be stripped of benefits? If not, why not?

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DEEP STATE RABBIT HOLE | By Mark Megahan | March 27, 2021

Sniveling and vindictive Democrats are actually demanding that patriotic American veterans and retirees have their benefits canceled. For many, that would mean their only source of income stripped away.

Veterans targeted by Democrats

It wasn’t bad enough that liberal Democrats stole the election under everyone’s nose and got away with it.

In order to cancel out conservative nationalism once and for all, former president Donald Trump had to be crushed so hard that each and every one of his deplorable supporters would feel the pain. Retired veterans may be screaming in agony real soon.

As part of the Deep State plot, some say the Federal Bureau of Instigation set up the false-flag barbarian invasion, and that the Capitol police were in on the scam. Security virtually conducted free tours that day.

The whole idea was to conceal the psy-op roots of the incident by attracting as many legitimate Trump supporters into the building as they could. Many, some of them veterans, walked in just because the crowd was moving that way.

Now, if MAGA hating Arizona Democrat Ruben Gallego gets his way, Veterans who were allowed to gain access to the Capitol Building on January 6, during the confusion of the staged invasion will be persecuted by liberal progressives and stripped of their monthly pay.

That will teach them to act conservative or wave a flag. Those things are verboten now in the New World Biden Order.

Gallego throws a snit

The Democrat got his panties in such a wad that he was forced to send off three separate copies of his nastygram to the secretary of veterans affairs, secretary of defense, and attorney general.

He did some research and came to the conclusion that one in every five who made it inside the building that day had formerly served in the military.

“The behavior of these individuals” wandering through the halls of congress unstopped, “tarnishes the image of American veterans and service members who have given so much to this country,” he sniveled. Without any evidence of specific violence, he claims they “attacked their own Government.”

Expressing your opinion is not an attack. It used to be considered “free speech.” Gallego is infuriated that such deplorables should “actively and enthusiastically enjoy benefits not available to their fellow citizens.” Things like “disability compensation, educational benefits, and affordable health care.” Let em sleep on the sidewalk.

Gallego is determined to round up each and every insurrectionist if he has to do it one-by-one himself.

He’s looking for “the names of any veteran or service member who was among the mob that stormed the Capitol” and he promises to rat each of the veterans out to the secretary of Veteran Affairs.

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