For WSJ writer Elizabeth O’Bagy, PHD stands for Piling it Higher and Deeper

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082613_syria_600The Syria researcher, who wrote the oft cited OpEd piece by Elizabeth O’Bagy, on the Syrian Conflict was fired for lying about having a PHD.  from Georgetown University.  She also failed to reveal one small little detail. She works for the Syrian Emergency Task Force, a nonprofit group who advocates for Al Qaeda and other opposing forces in Syria.  And let us not forget the best part. Who pays for this propaganda?  You do.

The main problem is that she has caught the ear of many of our leaders.  She has been cited by John McCain, John Kerry, and others.  David Reaboi, vice president for strategic communications at the Center for Security Policy., said that O’Bagy’s op ed piece is an extremely serious case of conflict of interest.

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“While there’s been a lot of worthwhile effort to expose activists considered pro-Assad or pro-Hezbollah — or, at least, to consider their analysis as coming from an interested party — O’Bagy seems to pass herself off as an impartial observer of the situation. Her access to Congress, intelligence services and to think tanks should be regarded as what it really is, which is a reflection of the Syrian rebels’ cause and aspirations.”

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