WSJ: Gun control is Democratic Party’s new ‘litmus test’

Thursday’s Wall Street Journal just confirmed what Second Amendment activists across the nation have been saying for a long time: the “litmus test” for the Democratic Party is a politician’s adherence to a gun control agenda.

Gun control is a political litmus test for Democrats, says the Wall Street Journal, pitting pols against the Second Amendment. (Dave Workman)

From Washington, D.C. to Washington State, Democrats are putting the rush on gun rights. Anti-gun Democratic attorneys general have sued the Trump administration for an out-of-court settlement over publication of blueprints for so-called plastic “ghost guns,” which is more of a First Amendment issue than one for the Second.

As reported earlier by CFL, a Democrat county councilman in King County, Washington has a proposal for gun control that could ignite if a Democrat-controlled Legislature repeals the state’s 35-year-old preemption statute. Two cities in Washington, both controlled by liberals, have adopted local gun control laws in defiance of the preemption law.

Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared war on the National Rifle Association.

Roll Call recently declared gun control to be the “third rail” of Democratic politics. A Democrat running in Washington State’s 8th Congressional District made gun control a cornerstone of her primary campaign, as if to underscore Roll Call’s report.

Democrats seem poised to re-take control on Capitol Hill, perhaps relying on President Donald Trump’s penchant for irritating lots of middle-ground voters with his tweets and public comments. If that happens, Trump’s ability to appoint pro-Second Amendment judges to the federal courts will almost certainly be derailed, many believe.

In the midst of this political jousting, the anti-gun Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence – which many in the gun rights community call the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Ownership – has launched a new ad campaign to demonize gun ownership. It’s called “End Family Fire,” and it focuses on firearms accidents involving children at home.

According to NBC News, the Brady Center – using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – estimates that 4.6 million children “live in homes with unlocked and loaded guns” and that “three in four know where the guns are stored.” That figure is based on data “from a nationally representative probability-based online survey sample of US adults conducted in 2015,” according to this report.

While some may question that survey finding, it appears to be the basis for the gun control schemes adopted by the two Washington cities – Seattle and Edmonds – now at odds with the state preemption law.

The WSJ article begins with a report about an Arizona Democrat who once got an “A” rating from the NRA for opposing gun control measures, but now has done a 180-degree about face and is running on a strong gun control platform.

For a political party to openly take such a risk by espousing a position at odds with a constitutionally-enumerated right suggests Democrats believe they have the midterm election in the bag without fear of gun owner reaction. This might be taking gun owner apathy for granted, a political move that has had dire consequences in earlier elections.

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