WordPress shuts down Anti-Sharia education site without notice

a_Sharia_unveiledOn Saturday, the Paulding County Republican Examiner (PCRE) was notified by the administrator of “Sharia Unveiled” at shariaunveiled.wordpress.com, that his site was taken down on August 14, 2013 without notice by WordPress.

The administrator, Schuyler Montague, told PCRE that when he accessed his blog, he read, “This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service. For more information and to contact us please read this support document”.
“Yes, they shut down our website. As you can see… WordPress.com attributes this “suspension” to a violation of the Terms of Service,” said Montague.

“Yet, they refuse to provide us with even one example of a violation. We are sure that we have not committed any violations of their TOS.”

Sharia laws, based under Islamic Law, carry out brutal punishments for various infractions in the Muslim world and is being pushed in various Western nations, over-riding a nation’s law and court system. Sharia laws also views non-Muslims as second-class citizens, sanctions inequality between men and women and prescribes cruel and unusual punishments for crimes.

The infiltration of radical Islamist’s has been active on Facebook, Twitter, and on other Internet outlets placing bounties on anti-Islam and anti-Sharia websites and blog administrators.

In June 2013, a news report revealed that an Islamic Jihadist website, the “Islamic Socialist NetWork (ISN)” which was for the second time shut down, based out of the U.K. was found where Muslims in the U.K., Australia, and Canada posted cash bounties on some operators of counter-jihad bloggers and Facebook users for speaking out about Islam.



Fmr. Sgt, USAF Intelligence, NSA/DOD; Studied Cryptology at Community College of the Air Force

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