Women’s March protester calls for Trump to be beheaded, set on fire

behead trump womens marchThis is what liberals really mean when they say “love trumps hate.”  During this weekend’s “Women’s March,” a protester was photographed with a sign calling for President Donald Trump to be beheaded and set on fire, the Gateway Pundit said Sunday.

“Someone should chop Trump’s head off & burn it in the ashes of everything he loved 666,” the sign read.

Here’s the photo Ryan Saavedra said was provided by David Suarez:

Trump behead fire
Photo David Suarez via Gateway Pundit Twitter/@deplorableDS

Wonderful people, these leftists.

It’s not the first time liberals have advocated murdering Trump, and chances are, it won’t be the last.  There is a difference between free speech while protesting and advocating the murder of a sitting President.

The only question at this time is:  Will the Secret Service take action?

Yes, Virginia, liberalism remains a bloodthirsty ideology of insane hate and rage…


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