Wisconsin Supreme Court Halts Raids by Nazi John Chisholm

Adolf Chisholm

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm is currently facing one civil rights lawsuit, with many more being prepared as we speak.  Chisholm was responsible for the Nazi-like raids on Wisconsin’s leading Republicans and their donors.  The raids were designed to be terroristic in nature and the victims were forbidden by law to even speak of the raids.  To make matters worse, the investigation did not involve any crimes.

In what is known as a John Doe investigation, a DA can get a judge such as John Doe presiding Judge Barbara Kluka, to pass out search warrants like candy.  The predawn raids were meant to intimidate and frighten their victims in a most unconstitutional manner.  The agents conducting the raids would not only confiscate communication devices, like telephones and computers, but would also take the family’s personal possessions not contained in the search warrant.

A while back, the Wisconsin Supreme Court halted all raids while awaiting a final decision.  What is most telling is that the main reason that the judges tossed out the John Doe investigation was that the “crimes” they were allegedly investigating weren’t even crimes.  Chisholm claimed that he was investigating conservative donors and activists because they coordinated with the Scott Walker campaign.

No evidence of such collusion took place, but the judges, who voted 4-2 on the issue, pointed out that even if Chisholm could have proven collusion, it wouldn’t have mattered because those groups had a legal right to coordinate with the Walker campaign.  The real reason Chisholm conducted this Nazi-like investigation was to intimidate Republican donors and to attempt to shut down their contributions to conservative causes.

In the National Review, three women described the raids on their homes and recount how the police terrorized them in their own home.   Ironically, the Nazi DA, John Chisholm disagrees with the word, “Raid.”  He says they were not raids, even though they were made by heavily armed officers, the victims were confined and not allowed to move and even personal items were impounded just for effect.

From the Wisconsin

In a recent interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm said that Eric O’Keefe and his allies were creating a false narrative about how police executed search warrants. Specifically Chisholm took issue with the use of the word raid.

Webster’s dictionary defines a raid as: an occurrence in which police suddenly enter a place in a forceful way to find criminals, illegal drugs, etc. That sounds exactly like what happened at the homes of the three women who told their stories to the National Review.

But let’s humor Mr. Chisholm and call the appearance of armed deputies at my home at six o’clock in the morning, “a surprise visit” instead of a raid. Is Mr. Chisholm disputing any specific facts offered by the women in the National Review article?

Has Mr. Chisholm ever ordered armed, pre-dawn surprise visits on liberals suspected of potential campaign finance violations?

If Mr. Chisholm is not the prosecutor in charge of this investigation, why was all the property collected in the October 3, 2013 “visits” immediately transported to his office in Milwaukee?

And why were he and his staff given full, unfettered access to every aspect of the John Doe investigation by Judge Barbara Kluka if they were not “in charge”?

The truth is that John Chisholm has been in charge of this five-year, two-part investigation from day one, and Assistant District Attorney David Robles can be found at the bottom of the pile of every bad idea and inappropriate action taken along the way, including arresting witnesses and proposing to investigate conservative talk show hosts Sean Hannity and Charlie Sykes for equal time violations.

Some say Chisholm’s wife was involved in his decisions.  Chisholm’s wife, Colleen, a teacher’s union shop steward at a school in St. Francis, was an activist protesting in the state capital against Walker’s school reforms, which the very thought of would bring her to tears.  Sounds like a little conflict of interest there, which I am sure the lawyers for the victims will bring up in court.

But in any case, the investigation has been killed and Adolf Chisholm has been soundly defeated.


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