Wisconsin Democrat Who Ran For Office to Oppose Trump Accused of Forging Nomination Papers

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But … but, election fraud is just a myth!

Charisse Daniels, a Democrat running for a state Assembly seat in Wisconsin, is accused of forging at least 15 signatures on her nomination papers.

The state Republican party filed a complaint with the state Elections Commission which included affidavits from 15 people who said Daniels faked their names on the documents. An additional seven people signed at a later date.

“That’s the lowest degree you can get,” claimed one constituent who saw his name on her nomination papers. “That’s not a person who should be representing anybody.”

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A separate complaint has also been filed with the Watertown Police Department.

Daniels received 201 valid nomination signatures, just one more than the requirement to be placed on the ballot for her district’s Assembly seat.

Meaning she will lose her spot if just two of these are determined to be falsified signatures. That’ll be the least of her worries if she is found to have forged the documents.

Daniels was featured in a CNN report last year about women inspired to run for office to oppose President Trump.

“These women marched against Donald Trump. Now they’re running for office,” the headline screams. She can be seen holding a sign which reads “Women are the wall and Trump will pay.”

Daniels told CNN reporters that Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election was an “absolute kick in the gut.”

“I knew the world looked different when I walked out that door,” she recalled. “This isn’t what I thought the world would look like. … It changed everything.”

The CNN segment actually shows Daniels training by going to a door answered by a prospective voter played by an actor and trying to get his signature for her documents.

She may need some more training.

President Trump has frequently railed against voter fraud in his own election, claiming millions may have voted illegally. The truth is, most election fraud occurs at these lower levels where candidates forge signatures to get their names on ballots frequently.

In 2015, a Democrat candidate for mayor in upstate New York submitted fraudulent petitions that contained signatures witnessed by people described in very basic terms. Ernest Everett actually submitted petitions with descriptions such as “black lady at bus stop.” He was convicted for falsifying documents.

That same area saw a voter fraud scandal involving four members of the Democrat party receiving punishments ranging from hundreds of hours of community service, to jail time.

A Democrat committeeman at that time claimed that voter fraud was “a normal political tactic.”

Odd how that ‘normal political tactic’ keeps generating from one party.

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