Will Syria Lead To Obama’s Impeachment?

_67930056_67930055I have not been one to continually harp about the impeachment of Barack Obama, because with the senate make up being what it is, there is little chance of success.  That could change rapidly as the Syria situation unfolds, especially if congress fails to approve the action Obama has sworn he will take anyway.  Perhaps democratic senators would not vote in big enough numbers to actually remove Obama from office, but he could be rendered deader than a dead duck for the next three years.

White House sources have told Fox News’ Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen that president Obama plans to launch an attack on Syria, even if Congress votes against it.  That is why he repeated several times that he believes he has the authority. But does he?  Not according to the 1973 War Powers Act. (WPA)The WPA clearly states that a president can act only if: A)  We are attacked B) An attack is imminent Syria has neither attacked the United States nor do they have a delivery system that would allow them to do so.

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