Will Barack Obama Run The Global Great Reset?

Rumor has it Barack Obama is becoming discontent with running the Biden administration from the White House basement. The great policies that are destroying the nation are his – and he wants the spotlight again. “Hey, look at me! I was groomed to run the world during the Great Reset!”

Or maybe Obama just won that coveted post after Hillary Clinton botched the Great Reset. Do you remember her presenting a red plastic “reset” button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during her tenure as secretary of state? Wasn’t that already covered on her uber-secret internet server located in her bathroom, where Huma sent all the State Department’s most important emails? Not as secret as Joe’s garage, of course, but right up there. Hopefully, they both kept the doors closed while they were in there.

Democrats, of course, would be more than happy to give the Obama smokescreen another term as president; then another, and another, and on until he reached parity with Big Joe’s mental clarity of today. The great resetters paid a lot of money and got squat for grooming Obama to run their newly designed world – the one that they expected to be up and running just as soon as … well, as soon as hell froze over.

Hell has been rolling out the 21-gun flame-thrower welcome for the first wave of Great Resetters coming through to inspect the place and vie for their personalized meat-hook where they can watch God roll out his plan for the Earth’s future under the dominion and rule of the Sons and Daughters of God. In case you forgot, that’s in the book of Joel.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Satan, of course, is not worried about hell freezing over any time soon. He’s got climate change on his side, funded by Democrats, socialists and communists the world over who are stealing money from their own taxpayers across the nations of the world – because, well, big government will take care of you if you are a corruptocrat in that government. After all, why should you have to work for a living when you support the right people, say the right things, think the right things and condemn your mutual enemies on news broadcasts and on (un)social media? Isn’t that supposed to grease the skids for you in life? Hint, it does in death as well.

One thing I did learn and still remember from when I was in college (was that still in this lifetime?) was an irreverent quip back then: “The good news is that Jesus is coming. The bad news is that, boy is He pissed!” I think some religious group niced that up and had a billboard with mom in the kitchen, shouting down into the recreation room, “Don’t make me come down there!”

If the great resetters had a single normal IQ among them, they would recognize that pissing off the Creator, Owner and Operator of the Universe by mishandling His creation and then taking credit for it is not a recipe for success – not in this world and certainly not in the next. Given this, it may be an open question as to whether it is the great resetters or Satan who has the bigger ego. Who wakes up in the morning and says, “Oh, today I think I’m going to appropriate the Creator’s creation for myself, enslave everyone else and destroy whatever and whoever I don’t need to rule over the universe. Oh, I just know He will be so proud of me!”

Obama, the great resetters and the intel agencies can just relax and rock on. Repentance is not in their DNA. Pity, that. Repentance is the only currency God deals in on this side of eternity. Rock on, boys. Satan is busy making sure that hell doesn’t freeze over before your arrival.

Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns, by Craige McMillan


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