Wil Wheaton endorses Massachusetts Dem who warned of rocks hurled at earth from the moon

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On Thursday, Twitchy said that former Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Wil Wheaton endorsed Brianna Wu, the Massachusetts Democrat who once warned of rocks hurled at earth from the moon by evil warmongers.

It started with this tweet from Wu:

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Wheaton responded: “We need Brianna in Congress for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that she actually understands technology, unlike the clowns who Zuckerberg ran circles around last week.”

Understands technology?  Really?

Let’s take a trip to February 2017, when Wu issued a series of insane tweets concerned that a private corporation might launch a mission to the moon:

Twitchy noted: “The woman thought the military would drop rocks on our enemies from the moon, what makes you think she has any idea about how tech works?”

Wheaton, by the way, is so brave that he blocked us from his Twitter feed.

That’s okay.  Twitchy provided some of the responses to his message:

Others noted:


That seems to be the case. Last May, for example, she blamed the Manchester terrorist attack on sexism instead of terrorism.

Wheaton, by the way, angered a number of people when he tweeted this during the Dallas shooting:

One person responded:


No, please, don’t shut up.  Keep tweeting so we can all see just how insane the radical left really is…


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