Wikileaks “Trumps” Clinton Campaign’s October Surprise with a 50,000 Email Drop


INCOMING! The Clinton campaign, foolishly, thought they launched a nuclear missile at the center of the Trump campaign, today, in an October surprise kind of move. Releasing an audio tape of Trump, from many years ago, saying some pretty sexist and crude things about women was supposed to knock him off his campaign perch. Like that was gonna overshadow what Wikileaks had in their bag of tricks. In this political cycle, emails “trump” sexual innuendo.

John “Pedestal” Podesta is at the center of this floor show. And the Hillary campaign is still clueless.

Enjoy the tweets:

And of course, the Obama administration is denying and deflecting. It’s Russia’s fault.

One thing is for certain, Wikileaks never disappoints. I’ll bet John Pedestal is red faced tonight!

This one should be good.

And Hillary thought she could dominate the news cycle with Trump’s locker-room talk. Somebody really needs to give her a lesson, or two, on just how “October Surprise” is supposed to work! After all, she’s been in politics a long time; you would think she would know better. Obviously she, and the other lefty loons running her campaign, thinks she can deliver a knock out blow to the Trump campaign with a little sexual innuendo. Since America looked the other way when Bill committed various “indiscretions” maybe it’s likely their focus will be on how Hillary compromised national security with an illegal server.


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Lisa Payne-Naeger

Former elected school board member, turned homeschool mom, turned CONSERVATIVE political activist. Trying to spread the word of truth, in "new" media and drag the culture back to common sense.

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