Why is Wikileaks doing the job of the news media?

Wikileaks - PoliticoHave you ever asked yourself why news media exists? What is the history of the news media? What exactly are they supposed to be doing?

Excellent questions.

Back in the day, the news media was the mechanism by which information was presented to a large audience. That’s right. The news media simply relayed information. Reporters – by sheer virtue of their moniker – are supposed to tell the public the details of something that happened or is currently happening.

Somewhere along the way, the news media decided amongst themselves to not only report on something but to introduce their own opinions as well. I’m of the opinion that everyone has an opinion but it’s my opinion that it should be left up to the viewer to come to their own conclusions and form their own opinions. But that’s just my opinion.

The 2016 election cycle, and Wikileaks in particular, pulled back the veil on much of the news media. What we saw was nauseating. We found news networks feeding questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign, collusion between elected officials and the news media, and a definite bias toward Hillary Clinton while being hostile toward Donald Trump.

Whether you love or hate Wikileaks, one thing is certain: Wikileaks did a lot of the work that the news media should have been doing all along. Did you notice how just about every news piece from most of the news media was skewed toward the Democrats? Do you recall how these news agencies’ own polls told us that Donald Trump had such a dreadfully small path to victory that we should just go ahead and support Hillary? Perhaps you missed CNN’s Donna Brazile sending debate questions to Hillary Clinton. No? I didn’t think you would miss that one.

The elephant in the room that few are discussing is, why it took Wikileaks to break some of these stories. Where are the real reporters? You know, the ones who keep their opinions to themselves, dig through the data, follow the leads wherever they lead, and break open these stories regardless of whichever candidate it hurts. Why does it take an organization illegally hacking an e-mail account to find out what’s really going on in American politics?

Hello? News media? Hillary Clinton told us verbatim that she has a public view and a private view. If that’s the case with Hillary, then it’s probably the case with a lot of politicians. So why, news media, are you not sifting through the dirt and making these private views public? Is it because you’re a holder of the same view and actively pushing this same corrupt agenda? I thought so. For shame! It’s our right to know these things.

I’ve sat, largely amused, since November 8, and watched the news media scratch their collective heads and wonder what the heck happened. I’ve also scratched my own head as I see them continue with their same old practices of hugging the liberals and hating the conservatives. Will they learn their lesson before the 2020 election cycle or will they be made the fools again?

Watch the Democrats. If the Democratic party figures it out, then the news media will likely follow suit – because the two seem to be one and the same. If neither figures out what happened earlier this month, then you can most likely expect to see the Democrats get another shellacking in 2020 and the news media continue to wonder why.

[Ed. note: This is why we call it the Democrat-media complex.]


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