Why is There a Zimmerman Trial?

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To anyone following the Zimmerman trial, it’s becoming obvious that charging him with 2nd degree murder is a politically correct decision and not one based on law.  So far, every witness has been more effective for the defense than for the prosecution and that includes their “star” witness.

By her account, the confrontation took place 50 yards away from the actual spot, which would indicate that Martin doubled back to confront Zimmerman, just as he told the detective the night of the shooting.  And in trying to create a timeline, the prosecutor has been effective in confirming Zimmerman’s account.

You have to wonder if this prosecutor was placed into a really bad situation by his boss.  Prosecutor Angela Corey was absolutely giddy when she announced she was charging Zimmerman with murder.  But the actual prosecution, she leaves to others.  Imagine a prosecutor getting a case he knows he can’t win and his only other option is to give up his job.

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He has to know what these witnesses will say on the stand, because the first rule in courtroom law is never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to and he has deposed every one of them.  He also knew that his star witness had already perjured herself several times during questioning.  Did he really believe her credibility would hold up, or was he just doing the best he could under the circumstances?

If Martin had been white and Zimmerman, black, would there even be a trial?  I doubt it.  This is appearing to be a clear cut case of self defense more and more each day.  How long will the judge allow this farce to continue?  To the very end.  She already placed her chips into the kitty when she refused to allow Martin’s criminal past be admitted into the trial.

Zimmerman will never be able to live a normal life again.  Today CNN put his Social Security number, his address and his telephone number on the air.  And don’t believe that was an accident either.  The press has been complicit from the beginning.  They used a 5 year old picture of Martin to shield the fact he was a hoodlum.  NBC doctored a tape and now CNN puts all of his personal information on TV.  Fortunately, their ratings are so low, few actually saw it.

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