Who Really Wrote “How to Kill Blacks” Manual? No One

Black Lives Matter posted a photo to Facebook that showed what appeared to be an official police training manual with the title, “101 ways to kill blacks in the Chatham County Jail.” It listed the author as Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher and said the book contained “top 10 methods that are time-tested for getting the job done.”

Of course, as in all things BLM, it was a lie.  There is no such book.  BLM tried to pass it off as satire, but nowhere in the post does it say so and many of BLM’s followers thought it was a genuine training manual that the group’s leadership managed to get a copy of.  Last year, four people died in the jail.  Three died of natural causes and one from suicide.

What BLM is referring to is the death of Mathew Ajibade two years ago.  But BLM leaves out many pertinent details when they tell his tale.

For instance, they never mention the fact that police first became aware of Ajibade when they received a call about a domestic disturbance.  When police arrived, Ajibade had his girlfriend under a blanket and would not let her up.  Police removed the blanket and found his girlfriend’s face covered in blood.

BLM says that a policeman punched Ajibade in the head.  What they conveniently left out was the fact that he had grabbed a stun gun from a female officer and was about to use it.  Later, at the jailhouse, Ajibade once again acted up and was involved in an altercation with the police in which he injured three officers, including a female sergeant, who suffered  a concussion and a broken nose.

According to CNN:

Former Chatham County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Kenny, 31, and his former supervisor, Cpl. Maxine Evans, 56, were accused of killing 21-year-old Mathew Ajibade.

A jury on Friday found them not guilty on the involuntary manslaughter charges, but Kenny was convicted of cruelty to an inmate. Evans was convicted of perjury and public records fraud for falsifying a report.

A third defendant, Gregory Brown, who was the nurse at the jail the night of Ajibade’s death, was convicted of making a false statement. Brown was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter on Tuesday.

The Facebook post by the Savannah chapter of BLM later said that it was a parody.  They finally removed the post but the animosity towards the fake post continues.  Like all things BLM, it was a complete lie.

A post at Conservative Tribune notes:

Controversy briefly overcame a small community in Georgia this week after a local Black Lives Matter chapter posted a photo to Facebook depicting the reputed book cover of a disturbing manual titled, “101 ways to kill blacks in the Chatham County Jail.”

The book cover reportedly included a collage containing images of Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a homemade noose inside a jail cell and Mathew Ajibade, a black inmate who died inside the local jail two years ago.

Reportedly posted Tuesday to the Facebook page of Black Lives Matter Savannah, the photo included a caption claiming the book had been written by Sheriff Wilcher and contained the “top 10 methods that are time-tested for getting the job done,” according to an investigation by local station WTOC.

WTOC added:


Tuesday afternoon, I spoke on the phone to Jomo Johnson who identified himself as Black Lives Matter’s administrator.

He told me quote, “Obviously, it’s a parody. We want people to understand, we want to bring awareness to the issue.”

Question is, what issue? Inmates – black and white – have committed suicide inside the detention center? Perhaps it’s attention to the groups planned six weeks of protests coming soon to Savannah?

When someone expressed disbelief to the post, Black Lives Matter responded with this: ‘Why do you doubt? Do you know how many black men have died in that jail?’

Sheriff Wilcher told WTOC his lawyers believe he has a libel case.

“He also says while this kind of attack hurts, he’s not about to waste his time or taxpayer dollars on something so ludicrous,” WTOC added.


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