Who got ‘Lucilled’: TWD leaves fans in an uproar over major cliffhanger

Barb-wired baseball bat
Barb-wired baseball bat

The Walking Dead season six finale was billed as one of the most anticipated season finales in television history. The writers of tv series have been leaving fans on the edge of their seats with cliffhangers for decades.

Mind-blowing, suspenseful season finales have become part of the televison industry’s hook to draw fans back to their shows when the next season begins.

However, cliffhangers don’t always sit well with some fans because they don’t like being kept in the dark. Some fans will stop watching series altogether because they didn’t like being kept waiting, but my bet is that even fans who stopped watching a series because of a cliffhanger probably tuned in when the new season started to get an answer about what happened in the series.

When this writer thinks of season finales of the last couple of decades, immediately the first question that forms in my mind is “Who shot JR?” For those too young to remember exactly who JR is he was major character, and antagonist, on the television series Dallas that ran from 1978, to 1991.

That cliffhanger also left fans wondering who in the world shot JR. It made national news and Americans were said to have flocked in record number to their televisions sets to find out. 30 years ago many in our nation were glued to their television sets for an answer to a question that was on their minds for months. On November 21, 1980 the long awaited resolution of who shot JR came to the greatest cliffhanger on television ever, that is until last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead.

Fans have known for months that a major villian was set to make his appearance on TWD and that his arrival meant death for one of the show’s main characters. Sunday’s Season six finale might have represented the biggest ground-breaking cliffhanger that AMC’s hit show has done in it’s six seasons.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” comic book have known quite a while about Negan, TWD’s biggest and baddest villian yet. If you’re not a fan of the comic books the TWD television series still dropped hints during this season about Negan. Especially during season six episode nine, No way out, when Daryl blew up some of Negan’s men.

The TWD season six finale is not like the cliffhanger about “who shot JR,” people didn’t start questioning who shot him until after the finale. The TWD season six finale has left folks speculating for months about which major character was going to be “Lucilled” when Negan arrived. There has been countless polls, contests and rumors upon rumors.

The build-up of suspense since this season’s half-way mark has been pointing toward Negan’s arrival and which character would be brutally beaten by Negan’s bat that he calls Lucille.

The Plain Dealer wrote the following about the season six finale: “It’s hard to imagine anything else like this in recent television history. Shows often use the death of a major character as a shock-factor to drive fans to the next season’s premiere. “The Walking Dead” has used an inevitable, if not guaranteed, tragic death to make viewers chew up their finger nails for weeks.”

It might be a long summer for some folks who are TWD crazed and upset they have to wait for season seven to find out which of their beloved characters got “Lucilled.” So what did you think about last night’s TWD’s season six cliffhanger? Are you upset, disappointed? Leave your comments below to let us know, thank you.

You can watch the trailer for the season six finale of The Walking Dead below.

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