Who Border Patrol Just Arrested Entering US Has Americans TERRIFIED … They’re Here

HOT on the heels of yesterday’s block-buster report,

officially, it has long been a done deal that many more mega explosions lie-in-wait —due to the intentional plans devised by a host of tentacled, moving parts ala the Deep State Mafia (domestic and foreign), as evidenced within the above link. Bullet-proof.

NOW, if anything must be deemed more than proof positive of the aforementioned, look no further than to the following (Oct. 2023) excerpt within the above link:

SO much so, the FEDS are covering their a**es, yes, knowing full well what explosions await — indeed, sounding the alarm akin to when arsonists pretend to be the firefighters!

IPSO FACTO, the below “news” dare not be equated/conflated with the so-called hyper- vigilance on the southern border — via the orders of the, oh, so, patriotic officials at DHS! To the contrary, said capture is not even a drop-in-the-bucket, as per what Border Patrol can execute when let off of their leashes! By extrapolation, rest assured, many thousands (Sunni and Shia….makes no diff) are “hiding in plain sight”, that is, a by-product of years of complicity via Obama 3.0! Demonstrably, it was reported, hence, warned, in 2017,

READ on….if you dare!

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THE BELTWAY REPORT | By Steven Ahle | January 16, 2023

The good news is that the Border Patrol caught 15 individuals that are on the terror watch list. The bad news is that we have no idea how many on the terror watch list made it into the country. Remember, it only took nineteen men to take down the twin towers and badly damage the Pentagon, not to mention the lives of the passengers on the four planes.

Todd Bensman, author of “America’s Covert Border War,” told the Washington Times:

“The big worry is with the chaos down there, when you have these kinds of people coming to the border, you have to assume that some of them got in.”

Authorities encountered 239,416 migrants in May, which does not even include those who avoided capture and entered the country. That’s an all-time record. But, of course, I expected it when Biden was declared the winner. Open borders were his battle cry. Experts have warned the rise in migrants could mean an increase in people added to the terror watch list. All told law enforcement has captured 50 people who are on the terror watch list.

From The Daily Caller

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has defended the administration’s terrorism policy. She said the DHS has played a significant role in protecting the American people against terrorism when pressed Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy at a May 2 press briefing.

“So then what is the president’s priority, would it be stopping potential terrorist attacks or letting these migrants come in?” Doocy asked.

“I think as we noted a couple of weeks ago, when there was reporting about the number of individuals who were on the watchlist being stopped at the border, that that was the Border Patrol doing their jobs,” she replied. “That was the system working and certainly part of the role of the Department of Homeland Security is to keep our country safe, to keep the American people safe and I think that’s an indication of Secretary Mayorkas’ role to do just exactly that.”

Republican New York Rep. John Katko warned in the aftermath of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan that terrorists could try to enter the country and perform terror attacks.

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