White House Obamacare flack: ‘There are fewer days in January than February’

mathishardIt’s official.  America is doomed.  On Tuesday, White House Senior Communications Advisor Tara McGuiness actually claimed there are more days in February than January.

She made the announcement on Twitter, in response to a tweet that said fewer people signed up for Obamacare using the exchanges in February than January.


No wonder we’re in the shape we’re in.  We have an administration that apparently thinks 28 is greater than 31.

Yes, that’s the excuse she used.

Others mocked her for failing to consult her calendar before issuing the tweet.


The Obama calendar, naturally — the one issued to all 57 states with a special version written in Austrian.



One person noted that McGuiness addressed her tweet to the Washington Post.

But will the Post report it?  We’ll see…