White Black Lives Matter leader warns of military coup if Trump wins in November

Shaun King warns of military coup if Trump winsOn Friday, Shaun King, the white Black Lives Matter leader, said that the United States could easily see a military coup if Donald Trump wins in November.


A post at Red Alert Politics noted:

This isn’t the first time King has said a President Trump could lead to violence. In a May 9 article in the Daily News, the activist stated that anarchists might vote for the billionaire because his presidency would result in a civil war.

It’s strange that a movement that claims they want to fight injustice peacefully has a spokesman who repeatedly fantasizing about civil wars and uprisings which would lead to death and destruction.

Strange, indeed.

Keep in mind this is the group that King Obama the Perverted has embraced as part of an effort to “reform” police departments across the country.

Reaction to King’s tweet was pretty much what you’d expect:

A post at the Gateway Pundit asks:

Imagine the media’s reaction a few years back if someone from the Tea Party threatened a coup over Obama’s presidency. Do you think it would be ignored?

Of course it wouldn’t.  It would be major headline news for weeks and the topic of numerous MSNBC panel discussions…

But since it came from a leader of Black Lives Matter, it gets ignored.

Apparently, these aren’t the droids we’re looking for…


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