Where Has the Press and Obama Been During Antifa and BLM Violence — Part One [VIDEO]

I am almost beside myself in laughter over the press’ field day over President Trump decrying violence from all sides.  He is being painted either as a racist or a Nazi sympathizer.  I don’t remember Barack Obama denouncing violence from the leftist Antifa movement or Black Lives Matter.

The NYT, WaPo, LA Times, CNN, NBC, CBS and a cast of thousands never accused Obama of being a racist and he obviously is one.

First, let me make this statement.  Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have no place in America and the little punk that drove into the crowd in Charlottesville deserves to pay the ultimate price for his uncalled-for actions.  I make no excuses for them or their actions which I categorically condemn.

Does anyone remember Obama saying the police acted stupidly when they arrested radical professor Henry Louis Gates of Harvard?

Here is what Obama said:

“I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played,”

“But I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and, No. 3 … that there’s a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”

So, what happened that caused Obama to declare the Cambridge police as acting stupidly?  They received a report from a neighbor who claimed to have seen saw two black men trying to break into the back door of a house. By the time the police arrived, Gates was inside his home.

The police responded and one of the men explained that it was his house, but refused to show his ID at first and was screaming at the officer and when he did show his ID, he only showed his Harvard ID which does not list an address.

The officer, James Crowley, said he warned Gates multiple times to calm down and when he refused, he was arrested.  The officer followed every police procedure as determined by the lynch mob set out to get the police.

During one of the Berkeley riots a college professor assaulted at least seven people with a bike lock, splitting one man’s head wide open.  The professor was an Antifa thug.  Do you know what Obama said about that incident?  Nothing.  Know what the press said about Obama not commenting on that violence?  Nothing.

During the San Jose riots in which the police stood by while Mexican nationals (Illegal aliens) attacked Trump supporters including a young girl who was viciously hit and spat upon by leftist morons.

Again, there was no outcry from the Obama White House (Obama must have hated living in a home with that name) and no members of the left-wing press corps raising a fuss or questioning why Obama refused to condemn their actions.

Others were also attacked at that riot:

All the while this violence from the left was happening, the press and Obama played their favorite song, Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence.”

Next: The hypocrisy of Barack Obama, the media and liberals in general.


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