When a Baseball Park Refused to Play the National Anthem, Something Wonderful Happened


Most sports fans are patriotic Americans. When a baseball park in Fresno, California announced that there would be no National Anthem, boos broke out, and the fans stood and sang the anthem all by themselves. A Cappella.

The incident occurred Friday at a high school baseball championship game between the Clovis High Cougars and the Buchanan High Bears. (Clovis won 6-3). But the crowd was incensed when it was announced that no anthem would be played.

Tiffany Marquez posted the song and wrote on Facebook:
“We came to CIF D1 section championship game between Clovis and Buchanan and the announcer said ‘there will be no national anthem.’ After some booing, the whole stadium stood up and started singing it on their own.”

She also told the Fresno Bee,

“Within seconds, you could hear people in the crowd singing and the volume of their voices building. There I was, standing in the middle of a true testament to unity and patriotism.”

The ball park told fans that they usually only play the anthem for the first game when more than one game is played in a day. They have now decided to play the anthem at every game.

Breitbart reported,

Event coordinator Bob Kayajanian insisted that “normally” the anthem is only played at the earliest game if there are several games played during the same event on the same day.

“It’s all a learning experience for everyone and (going forward) we’re playing the national anthem at every game,” Kayajanian added before saying he thought it was “obviously a wonderful thing” that the crowd sang the song anyway.

The Star Spangled Banner comes from a poem written by Francis Scott Key – originally titled “Defence of Fort M’Henry.” He wrote it from listening and watching Fort McHenry be bombarded by the British as he was standing on board a British ship during a negotiation to bring home an American prisoner. He was inspired to see that Flag still being flown over the Fort after the battle the next morning. He was inspired…as the spectators at the baseball park were inspired.

The Fort McHenry “Star Spangled Banner” at the Smithsonian

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No,  it wasn’t a perfect rendition. No they weren’t all singing on key. But they sang from their hearts and they sang it together.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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