What’s The Plan For The Dems To Cheat, Again?

The Democrats don’t seem very concerned that they will inevitably lose the 2024 presidential election – probably because they plan to cheat again.

That makes me wonder what they have up their sleeve. Is Joe Biden actually running? Is Kamala Harris actually running? Will there be a late surprise from Michelle Obama? Or are they depending on China for another pandemic? How about another indictment of Donald Trump? They’re not yet giving anything away.

The party has a serious challenge internally, too – from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And their plan is not to debate him. It seems they’re going for the jugular in one respect. In 2020, Biden artificially grabbed the nomination by getting almost all of the candidates to agree to drop out fairly early in the process.

“If somebody runs for president, you expect them to go out, shake hands and kiss some babies, and most of all get on the debate stage,” Jesse Watters said recently on Fox News. “When it comes to Joe Biden, who just told us to watch him, the Democratic Party said no debates for you.”

The Democratic National Committee announced it would not hold debates during the 2024 presidential primaries, drawing criticism from author Marianne Williamson and Kennedy, both of whom are challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.

“Joe is running, so voters should be thankful and not ask questions,” Watters said. “Nineteen percent of Democrats are already siding with his primary opponent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s pulling the same numbers in the polls as DeSantis. He’s nothing to sneeze at. If anybody deserves to debate Joe, it’s [Kennedy].”

Watters also noted that Williamson was receiving significant support in primary polling as well.

“Marianne Williamson is not doing too bad and polling at 9 percent,” said Watters. “She wants to get in the ring, too.”

“This is the Biden reelection plan. They’re going to throw him back in the basement,” Watters said. “Since the media knows that worked last time, they’re not going to have a problem with it. We’re not getting a free and fair election.”

Biden is in much tougher race this year – some would say impossible. He lied openly about Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell and got cover in the form of a group of 51 former senior intelligence officials releasing an open letter stating that the release of the New York Post story “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

That in itself was election interference of the most profound kind. Today, we all know better. It was definitively not Russian disinformation, or any kind. But that’s what Joe Biden said in his debate with Trump.

Biden has made a mess of the economy. He made a mess of the Afghan withdrawal. He’s made a mess of the border. He’s made a mess of everything. Some 48% of Democrats don’t even want him to run again.

So, what does he do for an encore to save his illegitimate administration? Or will he just lose in 2024 fair and square with Trump on the verge of a seismic victory – even an electoral realignment?

Will it be a “2000 Mules” replay? The Dems are just playing cool for now – just too cool. They keep arresting more and more Jan. 6 bystanders and calling them “insurrectionists.” They keep indicting Trump on bogus charges. They make a mockery of our two-party state, playing their advantage with media, hyping Big Tech, using the Deep State and turning America into a laughingstock. And now Tucker Carlson has been summarily dismissed as the nation’s highest-rated anchorman by Fox News.

No wonder Biden isn’t worried. Somehow the fix is in. That’s what he is thinking in his obviously cognitively challenged state.

But is he right? Can he be right about anything?

What if we collectively decided, we’re just not going to take it anymore? The Trump team, the MAGA crowd and even the unhappy Republicans and Democrats? That might be an election to see.

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